Deadly Ever After

The Writing Adventures of The Undead Duo–Julie Hutchings and Kristen Strassel


Why pick Julie to help ready your manuscript for the world? If you know Julie, you know she’s best in her own words:

Working on books that I feel strongly about ensures that I’ll give you the intensive treatment you deserve. I take pride in giving straightforward, comprehensive feedback that will help enrich your novel, and make your voice the strongest it can be.

What is developmental editing?

Developmental editing adds complexity to your characters, relationships, plot line, subplots, themes, and help make your story multi-dimensional, memorable, emotional, thought-provoking, and utterly yours.

How much does this cost?

$1.70 per 250 word page. Basic copy and line editing included. 

$25.00 per synopsis and/or query

Testimonials and credentials:

*Julie has a BA in Creative Writing from Bridgewater State University.
*”Julie made me excited about my book again.”–Summer Wier, The Shadow of Light
*”Julie got inside of my character’s heads and plot and really brought out the best in my manuscript. She paid attention to the voices of not only my main characters, but the supporting cast as well. Detail oriented critique that’s easy to swallow.”–Kristen Strassel, Night Moves, We Own the Night

*”Hiring Julie to edit my book was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Her attention to character development and sensory details helped me take what was a decent song of a novel and turn it into a stadium-sized rock anthem.” – Ron Walters

*Client K.F. Goodacre nominated for the Bath Children’s Novel Award 2015*

*”Working with Julie was an absolute pleasure. Her personal commentary and honest feedback still resonates as I start my next project. She not only pushed me to make my manuscript better than I knew it could be, she made me push myself to be a better writer.” –Eva Gibson

*Julie Hutchings came recommended to me from a long time write friend I know and trust deeply. He told me that she had excellent insight and could be able to help me shape not only my fictional worlds that I create but also tailor any story to make it better.

I had no idea how right he was.

Julie has taken books that I was going to throw away, and rescued them from the trash bin. She’s undeniably converted crap and spun it into gold. Some of these transformations were so extraordinary it put me to tears. 

Not one to sugar coat, she has the courage to tell you how things are. She will point out anything that could be inadvertently misconstrued, or turned in an uncomplimentary way. She finds all of these demons and vanquishes them. 

The first novel she edited for me came back with over five hundred comments. This at first felt daunting, like I had somehow failed. However, upon inspection I was pleasantly surprised.

I felt as though Julie were with me on a journey in the worlds that I created. It was like we were both sitting behind the camera and able to pause the film we were creating. I always had the final say, but she’s not a ‘yes man.’ 

Some of these critiques were very positive and pats on the back. Some were quiet suggestions. And others were trumpet horns of doom telling me of how terrible something might have been and listing consequences of ignoring her advice.

Her comments were never, “YOU SUCK!” And all negative feedback was painstakingly crafted not to injure my feelings but rather to steer me in a direction that would be better suited to my audience. 

She knows this industry. 

Her super power is to plow through the minutia, pull out a diamond and show it to the world. All editors might claim to make the works of their clients better. Julie is no exception to this rule, however she does so with a style and grace that has transformed my work from dull to shiny. She pushes me to do better, and inspires me with her advice and her talent to see the big picture.

Julie has edited four of my novels so far, and I intend to make sure she edits the other eight I have in standby as well as all of my work in the future. I have grown to trust her insight and her gut. Even if I disagree with a criticism, I still change the words I originally chose, because I trust her intuition in knowing that what I created caused a negative reaction. She has been an ally on my quest for literary greatness, and together we vanquish evil and plod forward towards an ever expanding horizon of awesome. —Craig R. E. Krohn

“Julie Hutchings is made of magic and win and should teach writers/editors about how to deliver feedback.” –Vanessa Ricci-Thode


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