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My One Regret And Now I Have A Frigging Mission

TODAY’S BREW: Is hot dogs a brew?

By Julie

I am absurdly lucky, or intensely egotistical in that I have no regrets in life. People say this, but really do have them, and say it just to be cool. I firmly believe that every choice I’ve made is the choice I had to make for various reasons, and that I would not be as happy as I am today if I had done differently. I try everything I want to, to a stupid degree. Even things I don’t want to, I do because I don’t ever want to say that I didn’t try it.

One time I was invited to a fire walk, one of those things where you take your shoes off on the beach and walk across hot coals? I declined. Then the “please, just come, you can just watch” happened, and I said no, I cannot because I can never just watch. I always have to do it. I’m a jerk that way.

But there is one thing I have always wanted to do, always wanted to try, and just never have. Not fear, just laziness. This, I do regret.

I have wanted to learn how to use kamas. These super amazing weapons:

I like these ones the mostest mostest:

They were originally used throughout Asia to cut crops, but have evolved into weaponry.

I mean, come on. This chick looks awesome with these weapons in hand, and I bet she’s even cooler practicing with them.


In all seriousness, I have weirdly always felt attracted to them as a weapon, and always felt like they were my weapon. Like picking them up would feel right, that this would be my thing. I can use other weapons, and anything can become a weapon, but I am drawn to these things in a way I can’t explain. Have been since I was a teenager.

So, I guess saying this to all you folks solidifies that I need to learn how to use the kamas, or else I’ll look like that person who says “I always wanted to do that but I just never found the time,” and holy shit does that annoy me. Now I have this mission, and all it was was a goddamn blog post. For Hell’s sake.


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