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I’m Watching the Olympics!

Today’s Brew: Cup #3 of coffee. I’ve already met a nice gentleman today who’s going to fix my teeth in exchange for all my money. Hurk.

by Kristen

Yeah, I know, if I was cool I’d be boycotting the Olympics. Russia is stupid about human rights, and they couldn’t get their shit together to build a proper Olympic village without dangerous face water, and the weather is too warm and the tracks are all screwed up. Everyone’s bitching, no one’s happy, the coverage sucks, and the press is looking for for human interest stories to make us care, or as they call it, “story lines.”

Screw all of that.  I’m watching it for the athletes.

Imagine, if you will, that you’ve been training your whole life for something. Dedicating every day to be the absolute best at what you do. You spend tons of money, sacrifice free time and “fun” to train. And now, you have your chance to shine.

And no one watches. It’s fucking tragic. When they started their journey, they didn’t know they were going to go to bass akwards Russia. They just wanted to compete. For them, it’s not about the politics or the media. It’s about the sport.

If you’re one of the writer types reading this post, imagine spending years on your book. Blood, sweat, and tears. Money to promote. And it comes out in the wrong place at the wrong time, so no one buys it to make a statement that has nothing to do with you.

Or, more simply, you put out a book and no one cares. Beside you, of course. You care a lot.

So I care. And I’m enjoying watching it. Especially the snowboarders.

Snowboarders are hot. I don’t think we really need to elaborate on that. A bunch of ski bum dudes with rockin’ bodies. Sign me up for that. But on top of that, I think of the Olympics as this stuffy, government run thing with a lot of RULES and regulations. Snowboarders don’t really care about that. They’re like the punk rockers hanging out at school. They don’t care about fitting in, they make up their own language, they do their own thing. And they’re hot.







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