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TODAY’S BREW: So much Dunkin Donuts that I could only give a transfusion to a donut in an emergency.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYONE! Kristen and I have thrown together this fun little ditty in light of our recent snowscrewing as we like to call it. Trapped for days with the company of scary neighbors and scarier children, we needed something to warm us all up until the heat came back on.


by Kristen and Julie

The devil children from upstairs were making snow angels outside. Oh, the irony. I sipped my coffee and watched them through narrowed eyes. It may look like they were playing, but I know they were plotting.

I needed to clean the snow off my car, but I couldn’t wait until they went inside. Come on, Marcy, you’re a grown woman, and will not be intimidated by second graders. Pulling on my hat and scarf, I straightened my spine and headed out.

“Marcy! Marcy! Look what I can do!” Hayden, Harry, I didn’t care enough to tell them apart, called to me immediately.

“That’s great,” I said through gritted teeth without looking. The plow passed by, making the drift I had to dig out of deeper. Awesome. Why hadn’t I taken that transfer to L.A.?

THWACK! the boys erupted in giggles as the hard ball of ice one of the little fuckers threw made its way down my face.

That was it. I’d had enough.

“You little fuckers!”

I threw down the cleaning-off-stick thingy and stormed inside, up the stairs, trailing clumps of snow. I went past my floor and up to the little fuckers’ apartment.

Banging on the door so that the #10 shook, I yelled “Joe! JOE!”  I felt the eyes of the tenants across the hall through the peephole.

Joe threw the door open, wild-eyed.

He was dripping wet. Wrapped only in a towel.

“Are the boys okay?! Where are the boys? I just wanted a hot shower before hot water was gone!”

I could barely remember why I came up there, looking at the chiseled construction worker outline of his chest muscles, still damp. I swallowed, trying to bring my eyes up to his. Now I felt like a little kid, tattling.

“They’re outside,” I managed. “They hit me in the head with a snowball.” My voice kept getting smaller.

He fought a smile and lost. “That’s what boys do, Marcy. they play rough.” He reeled back a little. “Not that rough, though. You’re bleeding.” He reached across the threshold and touched my temple, coming away with blood on his fingers. Pulling me inside, he shut the door behind us in a fluid motion.

“Come sit down,” he said, leading me through Legoland to the couch. I sat down, suddenly feeling faint. “I’ll be right back.” He was inches from my face, and my breath caught even as I saw stars.

I closed my eyes and leaned forward to put my head in my hands, hearing Joe bang around in the bathroom and running the water.

“Marcy, lean back,” he said, now in front of me, pushing me flat on my back. My eyes popped open with surprise, though he seemed to be unaware that he was leaning over me, nearly naked.

“Sorry,” I said. “The sight of blood took me by surprise.” I closed my eyes again, to avoid staring at his collarbone and shoulders. I inhaled and became heady with his shower-fresh scent. It made my heartbeat quicken.

Joe gently pressed a cool cloth to my temple, comforting me as I lay there, but it wasn’t comfort I wanted. I felt my nipples grow hard under my layers with his touch. His face was so close to mine, his breath slow and easy.

“You know, I’m really sorry about the boys.” I looked into his eyes, but his were cloudy with thought. “I don’t know how to  make them listen anymore.” He dabbed at my temple and leaned back some, a look of defeat coming between us.

I sat up, wanting him as near as he had been, sorry for coming up there to place blame on him. I reached for his arm to comfort him this time.

“It must be hard for you, alone.” I felt sneaky, preying on him it seemed, but I wanted him. I just wanted him.

His eyes were so warm, and I wanted him to be thinking of me as he looked into my own. “I can’t imagine life without them.” I was thrilled he hadn’t shied away from my touch. “But sometimes I wish I could get away from it all, just for a couple of minutes.”

He looked at me intently. No more words were needed. I could take him away. The boys had to be headed to the double decker hill for sledding, I told myself. The cacophony of the neighborhood boy voices had faded. Or maybe that moment had blacked them out. I didn’t care as our lips met in a kiss, delicate at first, both of us timid, but then the need we both harbored bubbling to the surface. He cradled my head with both hands, my hat and his towel dliding off simultaneously. He groaned, pushing his lips harder into mine, pulling my coat off as quickly as his hands could move. It had been a long time since I had seen a woman go to his apartment and it showed. He moved as urgently as I did.

My hands explored his body as he tore off my many layers. My skin burned, the ice melted away. I helped him with my shirt and jeans, unhooked my bra, letting him cover my breasts with his mouth and fingertips. I moaned in delight, looking back at the door. The boys could very well have been in any second.

“I’ve wanted you for a long time, Marcy.” His voice rasped as his mouth made his way down my stomach.

“Why did you never say anything?”

He couldn’t answer as his lips went between my legs, his nose nuzzling my clit. I cried out, not caring if anyone could hear. His hands on my bare hips, he pulled me closer to his mouth, biting me gently, making me cry out again. His tongue found its way inside me, and I was unable to stop myself from cumming already. He stopped me just in time, pulling away, making me whimper, climbing up my body fast and pushing my thighs apart more with his.

There was no sign of the gentle man who had sweetly cared for the cut on my head as he grunted, pushing himself into me, thick and hard and fast, over and over until I was throbbing with desperation for him to let go.

“Dad! Harry hit the–”

“Oh fuck!” we both screamed as the door swung open.


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