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Tattoo You

Today’s Brew: Water. My Bread and Beer binge has come to a screeching halt

by Kristen

I’m blessed to have the chance to work with some truly bad ass talented people. Recently, I’ve been working on an HBO mini series under department head Christien Tinsley.  I also had the opportunity to work with the same team last year on Labor Day, which I believe is coming out at Christmas.

Why might that name sound familiar to you? Well first of all, Christien won an Oscar for his work with Brad Pitt on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. An Oscar. His aging work is out of this world. But he also has a temporary tattoo company called Tinsley Transfers.

If you need last minute touches to finish off your Halloween costume, you are in luck. There’s a 50 percent off sale right now on the website (as of 10.27.13).  These tattoos are super easy to apply, you just use a damp sponge.  They also look extremely realistic and when they say they’re film quality, it’s the truth. We used the on Labor Day, and they’ve been used on countless other movies over the last decade.

My favorite on the site is the sugar skull face tattoo.

What are you all going to be for Halloween?


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