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Happy Book Birthday To The Trouble With Bree!

Today’s Brew: I bought some Mayflower Autumn Wheat last night, which I may crack open during the Patriots game (I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon).

by Kristen

Break open the local brews!  Bree is having a book birthday.  If you’ve read Secondhand Heart, you’ve already met Bree. The most common question people asked me about that book was, “What happens with Bree and Josh?”

Now, you know. Bree is Daisy’s best friend, and a young mom. She’s got a big heart and makes bad decisions, but she can totally laugh at herself.  She wants better for her family, but as we all know, that’s easier said than done.  Especially when you’re carrying a lot of baggage.

Josh hasn’t had it so easy, either. He seems like he’s got his collective crap together, but sometimes he still makes bad decisions. But it makes them a great couple, because they can understand each others mistakes, and they want to make each other better.


The Trouble With Bree is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!

How about an excerpt?He ran a hand through his hair. The curls didn’t go back to the exact same place. “Does it bother you? To have someone so new be in charge of Landon’s school?”

 “Are people giving you a hard time because you’re young?” I asked. I did some quick math in my head, and settled on Josh being twenty-five.

 “Yeah.” Josh looked a defeated. “The administrators wanted someone fresh, but then they’re not always open to new ideas. It’s a struggle.”

 “This is what I think. I’ve been in charge of Landon up until now, and something tells me you’re a couple years older than me. I’m a little biased, but I like to think I’m doing all right. So if I can do it, you can totally handle him three mornings a week.”

 Josh leaned back on the couch, relief washing over his face. Maybe his age did bother some other people. Whatever. People judged first and asked questions later. I stopped letting it bother me when I had to bring Landon with me to high school. “I knew I liked you,” he said.

 “Did you?” A smile spread across my face.

 “You were the best fifteen minutes of my day.” He nodded. “Those evaluations can be pretty stiff, but with you guys, I felt like I was talking to friends. That’s why I asked if I could see you again. To be honest with you, I shouldn’t be doing this.”

 And there it was. The catch. “Why?”

 “It’s against school policy to have a relationship with the students outside of school related activities. That includes their parents.”

 “That makes sense.” There were so many creeps out there, in most circumstances, I’d be one hundred percent in favor of that rule. But now I was wondering what the loophole was.

 Josh had gone back to the kitchen for a second round of food, and dropped another Rangoon on my plate when he came back. “That’s actually why I didn’t get in touch with you right away. But I just moved here, and you were the first girl I couldn’t stop thinking about.”

 My heart stuttered in my chest, confused. He couldn’t stop thinking about me, but he already had his doubts. He was putting a lot on the line by just being here. “I’d said on the way to the meeting that I was never going to date again.”

 He raised an eyebrow. “So we’re both breaking the rules.”



Prepping for New Releases

Today’s Brew: I am partial to this cinnamon roll coffee

by Kristen

I’ve said many times that I think writing the books is the easy part. I hang out on the couch in my pjs and let the voices in my head tell me what to type. I enjoy spending time with them. We laugh together, cry together, and sometimes I suggest what they should do next. They take my advice if they want to.  I try my damnedest to steer them to a happily ever after. If I’m going to exert my will over my characters, I figure that’s the best way to do it.


The editing and proofreading is done.  The cover designer and formatters have made my stories beautiful.  It’s time for The Trouble with Bree and Too Many Reasons to meet the world.


People have said that if you write a good book, people will find it. There’s a sliver of truth in there. You have to write a good book. But there will be no blinking arrow on Amazon or the shelves of Barnes and Noble pointing to your book. Nope, you get thrown out there with all the other great books, and the not so great ones, too. A lot of those not so great ones sell really well. Hate all you want, but it comes down to the fact that those books are appealing to something that people want and people can find them.

Now I go from sitting on my couch and writing a book to sitting on my couch and getting my work out there. This is the tough part. Even though I have some repeat customers (Man, I love you guys. So much.), I’m still a new author, and I’m actively trying to find a new audience. It’s not a road map to find those people, I can read one of those. It’s a treasure map.  There are false leads, pitfalls, oases, mirages, and a whole lot of ways to get to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

You need to get as far out of your circle as possible. It’s great that the writing community knows about and loves your book, but you need to reach readers. People who don’t go anywhere without their kindle, the ones who talk about books and authors like your husband talks about fantasy football.  I work with a publicist, and she does a ton of front line and behind the scenes work. But I’m still out there, too.  I actively ask for reviews, even though it’s the scariest part of writing. There’s a chance that you may ask someone to read your book who isn’t in to it. Not all bad reviews are bad. I still struggle with that.  But you might find someone who loves your book. A lot. And they would have never known about it if you didn’t ask for the review. The bottom line is, you need to get people talking about your book. It takes a person 7-10 times of seeing something before she begins to recognize it.  The more people that are talking about your book, the more likely someone is to want to read it.  They tell two friends, and they tell two friends…you get the picture.

One you get the book in people’s hands….hopefully they love it enough to do a little author stalking. After I read a great book that I can’t stop thinking about, I go straight to the author’s website. I want more!! Right now, I’m working on putting together related content that go with The Trouble with Bree and Too Many Reasons. Even though they’re both in The Spotlight Series, they are very different stories.  All of it will give a little more insight to the characters. So if you loved the book and want more, you get more. If you haven’t checked out the books yet but you find the blog posts cool, maybe you’ll want to check out the books. It works both ways. I have tours, lists, interviews, and videos planned. It’s going to be a fun month over on my website.  I hope you’ll join me!!

Just because a book is out doesn’t mean your job with it is done. You have to tend your garden. Sometimes it’s beautiful, and sometimes it needs to be weeded. And it always has the chance to bloom.

If you are interested in helping out…sign ups for The Trouble with Bree and Too Many Reasons blog tours are open! The Trouble with Bree comes out January 19 and Too Many Reasons comes out February 9. Both are available for preorder.  I hope you love them as much as I do!





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