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Sweet Symposium by Jacqueline Czel

This poem was written by our wonderful friend, incredible writer Jacqueline Czel. She wrote it for my husband, Tim, and I after reading my dedication to him for Valentine’s Day. This is the greatest honor that I can think of, having something written just for me. I hope you all find someone that creates poetry in your heart. Thank you, Jackie.


FEBRUARY 14, 2013

Sweet Symposium

Plato told
the split soul
wants to come
back together
for it is always
seeking through
time to entwine,
with its true twin,
in an ever longing,
deep yearning
to reach its
holiest state,
which fortunately
unfolded for
two sweet friends
turned lovers in the
spirit of youth,
for their split souls
fused back together,
in a divine completion,
a blessed truth.

*For Julie & Tim Hutchings*

From  Iambic Utterances and Other Wayward Words

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