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Let’s Pretend It’s Summer

Today’s Brew: Gingerbread? Pumpkin Spice? Honestly I’m not sure.

by Kristen

Even though it’s so freakishly warm in Massachusetts today I walked around outside in just a light sweatshirt and capri pants, the rest of you are freezing your unmentionables off. So let’s tell the Polar Vortex what it can do with it’s frostbite and use the power of visualization to transport ourselves to a summer vacation on a warm island.

Can you tell I’ve been doing yoga?

Seasons in the Sun, a summer romance, released on December 4. Let me tell you, December is a weird time to promote a book. Everyone’s all wrapped up in Nano in November, then Christmas. No one wants to think about summer yet. Winter is still fun until you have to dig out from eighteen inches of snow like we did this weekend. One snowstorm is all it takes. Now when I say SUMMER, heads turn.

Six months til Bkini Weather!

Six months til Bikini Weather!

Summer, to me, has always been one of those magical times where anything can happen. I love the warm weather, and I love being outside in it. There’s nothing I like better than sitting by the water, devouring a good book. When we were kids, summers were awesome. ┬áJulie and I, if you didn’t already know this, grew up in the apartment complex that I live in now. It wasn’t always Whiskey Tango Boulevard, it used to be quite nice. We had an awesome pool, and there were tons of kids our age around to hang out with, play Marco Polo and Sharks and Minnows. We tortured the life guards by either hating them or loving them. At night, we’d play four square or have games of hide and seek so big the entire street was in play.

As we got older, we’d all sit outside and talk. I love being outside on summer nights as much as during the day. Of course, we started to venture off Whiskey Tango. Sometimes we told the truth about where we were going, sometimes not so much. Summer meant relaxed responsibilities. I had a job since I was fifteen, but I usually worked at night, so I didn’t have to be up early. Staying out all night was a right of passage.

If you’ve read Because the Night, you know that Callie came to find Tristan after meeting him a few years back. Seasons in the Sun chronicles the summer they met. I used a lot of my experiences as influence for the story. The beach side setting, the sneaking out, even the concert, because what’s better than a summer concert?

So if you need a way to escape the cold, or if you want to live vicariously through my crazy past life, Seasons in the Sun might be the fix you need.

Seasons is in the Sun is available on Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords. I don’t know what the hell is going on with Barnes and Noble, but you can get the correct format through Smashwords.


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