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Julie’s Bookie Gifty Recommendations

TODAY’S BREW: Pumpkin Spice. Because I will love it forever.

By Julie


Today I shall give you my book recommendations for when you inevitably screech “OH SHIT I NEED TO GET AUNT TRUDIE A PRESENT AND SHE’S SO RACIST AND SO MEAN AND SHE COOKS LIKE SHIT! WHAT DO I GET A PERSON LIKE THAT?!”

You’ll get that bitch what I get everyone on earth, or wish everyone would get for me. BOOKS. I give books that I like. Period. Don’t be afraid to get someone a book they might not get themselves, but that you love. Fucking discovery and shit. It’s science. I shall give you both paperback and eBooks. Commence reading!

These books, in particular:

  1. Oh yeah, it’s happening. RUNNING HOME. Seriously, it has snow, and Christmas, and romance, but weird romance, and betrayal and blood. And more Christmas, and even Christmas ornaments. And it smells like peppermint brownies. And the cover is so pretty!
  2. SHIVER by Maggie Stiefvater. I’ve read this series over and over. Again, beautiful snowy feel to it, but with a dynamic cast of characters and a fantastic, intriguing storyline, written by a true poet. Gorgeous.
  3. THE SHINING, Stephen King. It’s a classic holiday horror, and even if they’ve read it before, fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke. This book is worth reading every year.
  4. SHADOW AND BONE, Leigh Bardugo. This book took me completely by surprise with its stunning imagery, complex relationships, incredibly original plotlines and worldbuilding. One of my favorite books of the year by far.
  5. NEVERWHERE, Neil Gaiman. You can’t go wrong giving someone who’s never read Gaiman this book. If they don’t like it, they don’t get any present next year at all.
  6. BLACKBIRDS, Chuck Wendig. I’m in love with Miriam Black, her story, her mouth, her abilities, and I’m in love with the attention Chuck gives to making sure there is a complexity to this story. Holes Black gets herself into that you pray she can find her way out of. An incredible read with endless possibility.
  7. DISCOREDIA, J.C. Michael. Brand new author who’s been poring over this novel for a long time. I have waited over a year for the paperback of this book to come out to hold in my grubby little mitts, and now I can have it. And it’s set at New Year’s, so winning.
  8. AGENTS OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS, Simon R. Green. I’ve given this book to so many people, I might be on Green’s PR staff now. He’s my favorite author and this is my favorite work of his. I can’t say enough.
  9. HOLIDAYS ON ICE, David Sedaris. I read this book years ago, and it never left me. Perfect for this time of year, and it’s a sure winner with any reader.
  10. DEEP KISS OF WINTER, Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter. I’m reading this right now, and really enjoying it. I wanted something with bite, but light enough to feel like an escape at the end of the day. This is it. It would be a great gift.


  1. BECAUSE THE NIGHT, by our very own Kristen Strassel will be under everyone’s E-tree this year.
  2. ON THE LIPS OF CHILDREN, by my brother at Books of the Dead Press, Mark Matthews is only 99 cents right now, and wow, what a goddamn read. I love this book so hard.
  3. BOUND, by J. Liz Hill. For Chrissakes, the cover is so goddamn pretty.
  4. SINGULARITY, by Joe Hart. I love the way the man writes, and impatiently await my copy of his new book in the mail.
  5. UNTETHERED, by Katie Hayoz. “Sylvie isn’t comfortable in her own skin.  In fact, there are times she can’t even manage to stay inside it.” That’s all I need to hear.

How I Could Lick The Nightside Series & Make It Mine by Julie

TODAY’S BREW: Godawful Walmart stuff. I think it’s Cheese flavored or something.

By Julie

“You can chase every dream you ever had in the Nightside if it doesn’t end up chasing you.”

You guys have no idea what I read, and that’s not fair. Turns out, I just now finished the last in a series by my favorite author, Simon R. Green. And when I say he is my favorite author, I mean I would wash his dishes and probably pocket some crumbs. I would dig in his trash, much like I do to Sir Chuck Wendig’s, but I wouldn’t dare joke about it.

Simon R. Green is the Master Creator of the incredible Nightside series. The Nightside is an underground macabre world in the heart of London where it is always 3 in the morning and is the home to man, monster and gods that can’t sate their horrible appetites or live with themselves in the daylight. We mingle with characters like Razor Eddie, Punk God of the Straight Razor, The Collector, Lilith, Shotgun Suzie, and Walker, the man who runs the Nightside with a Voice that no one can refuse. (My absolute favorite character we meet for only a short time; Jessica Sorrow, the Unbeliever, who suffered so horribly in life that she stopped believing in the world, and can unmake you just by looking at you.)

The world of the Nightside is rich and full of ghastly places and objects sought after and frequented by the worst of the worst for various reasons, and our hero, John Taylor, private eye is smack in the middle of all of it, feared by all and loved by a few. John has a Gift for finding things, everything from the hidden doors out of the most volatile living houses to the one thing that will destroy immortals from the inside out. He backs up the reputation that has people and things running from him in the streets with a sarcasm-infused confidence and ability to bluff, but he has a heart of gold that loves the wretched Nightside and its lost souls.

I fell in love with Agents of Light and Darkness first, and ate up all twelve Nightside novels as fast as Simon could write them. (In my mind, I call him Simon, and he kisses me on the cheek sometimes.) That first novel had such a dark twist on the overdone angel image, making them capable of such terrible things, that I instantly fell in love with Green’s writing style and mind. He’s often compared to Jim Butcher, but hate to tell you all, Green could wipe the bathroom floor with Butcher any day of the week. All due respect, of course.

Not far behind my adoration of John Taylor and the Nightside series is my crush on Eddie Drood of the ancient Drood family series, but that is for another time. For now, do as I tell you, go out and buy all of the Nightside novels and thank me in the morning if it comes.

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