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I Want A Cross Genre Vampire! Shonda Brock Guest Post

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by Kristen

One of the first vampire enthusiasts I found when I joined Twitter was Shonda Brock, so it’s an honor to have her write for Deadly Ever After!  Shonda’s got a great blog full of vampire-rific posts.  And you can follow her on Twitter.

As a writer, what would I like to see done with vampires that hasn’t been done before? Excellent question!!!!!!!!!

Believe it or not that question propelled me into writing.  I have been avid reader of Paranormal Romance, Horror and Suspense novels for years.  And by no means is this a knock or dig against any author I’ve read, because in truth, they are all where I long to be, a Professional Well Skilled Writer. But for the vampire character, I’ve always wanted more.

True Paranormal fans can tell you the basic lure to a good vampire read. It usually begins with The Dark Prince of Blood who survives on human life, living his immortal existence without sunlight, enduring in sin, lust, greed and loneliness in the shadows of modern civilization. His tortured life continues in this same manner until he lays eyes on the one thing he can not have.

I still want that lustful, needful vampire that every woman craves, but I also want that same vampire to be riddled in the hardship of life found in ‘Lovely Bones’ by Alice Sebold. Like how does a family continue on after losing a child to an unsolved murder? Or like in my personal favorite Stephen King’s ‘Pet Cemetery’, to project pure horror into the very thing you love and trust the most and then you have to kill it.

The traditional vampire romance novel contains lust and love weaved between suspense which allows the plot to thicken and become a page-turner. But what I want to see is pure terror weaved into it as well. I want to read about a vampire who is complex by matters of life. Where there is no right or wrong moral thing to for the vampires to do, there’s only matter of how do they survive to get to the next moment without losing their sanity.  I still want him to be sexy and alluring, but I also want to be scared out of my wits so that I dare not cut off my lights or go to sleep without garlic under my bed.

I’m reminded of a line from my daughter’s favorite movie “High School Musical 3”. One of the characters’ song said, “I want it All!”

I want to see a cross genre Vampire.

I want the raw edgy suspense of Tom Clancy and the gut retching pain in “A Time to Kill” by John Grisham and the sexiness of Vampire Lestat by Ann Rice. And by all means, please add an extra dose of bone chilling horror by the great Stephen King. PS: can I get a side order of giggles from the Love at Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks?

Now that’s My Vampire Story! If only I could write such a beast.


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