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Getting in Your Face About the Holidays by Julie

TODAY’S BREW: Breakfast Blend. It’s December!

By Julie

Thanksgiving was great. Busy as hell and totally not busy at the same time. Never made it to the freezing cold parade, which is a big deal here in America’s Hometown, but me and the boys went to the Lego store to celebrate Ben getting an Academic Excellence award and Sam just being awesome. Had gourmet grilled cheese, listened to Christmas songs and were generally goofy together. And having everyone together for Turkey Day was lovely. We truly were all able to forget all of our troubles just be happy together with Gramma and Grandpa. It was fantastic to hang out the entire day at home on Black Friday and even have Tim home until noon. That has NEVER happened. Then the kids and I blew off the rest of the weekend at book stores, toy stores, the park, an awesome off-season drive down to Cape Cod and watching movies. Perfect.


First off, if you’re one of those ball-busting I can’t wait until it’s all over folks, good for you. Don’t ruin it for everyone else. Take a kid’s name off the tree at the mall, buy the kid a coat and a toy and shhhhhhut up. Nobody WANTS to be miserable…. make an effort not to be. This isn’t me being preachy, this is me demanding a good time.

My demands of having a good time get me in trouble. For instance, we are poor. Still buying Christmas presents though. Still adopting a kid or two for charity. Still bring the kids out because it makes them happy. Still got a tutu for Penny Watson’s Holiday Book Bash this weekend in Needham, MA. Because screw it. This was the hardest year of my life, and that’s saying something. I don’t generally say I had a bad DAY even, let alone a bad year, but hay-zoos, I’m not in denial. Regardless, bad circumstances won’t determine my future, and they sure as hell won’t determine my present. I live like I’m on a constant sitcom that may turn into a tragedy at any second. But it’s never dull and I’ve accomplished something by living through it some days. And at the end of that day I still am surrounded by lots of love.

When you’re aggravated about shopping, snow, your bank account and all the things you don’t have, remember the things you do have and the things you could make happen. Remember what Christmas means to YOU. If it means nothing, change it. Make everything mean something. What else are you doing here?

(I don’t mean you, Greg. What are you doing here?)

In the meantime, come drink with Kristen and I and 40 other authors this Saturday if you’re in town.


Whiskey Tango Boulevard, You’re The Bomb!

Today’s Brew: Chocolate Coconut Tea. It’s better once it steeps completely

by Kristen

As some of you might know from Twitter, my neighborhood is kind of like one of fun houses that looks harmless from the outside, so you decide to go in, and it’s so broken down and utterly fucked you’re scarred for days after the ride. We’ve had the SWAT team here, there was a sexual assault claim on my floor while I was in Toronto last summer, and my neighbors are terrific white trash on a daily basis. The girl downstairs smoked a butt while eating her cereal on the porch last summer. I’m pretty sure she’s available, boys.

This weekend took the cake. I was on my way home, and saw cruisers barrel-assing though town. I said to my friend Sara, “They’re going to my house.” She laughed, but somehow, she had a feeling I was right this time

She was. They were.

I couldn’t park in my spot because a cruiser blocked access. One officer talked to some people in the side lot. The building was waaaaaay too quiet for all those cruisers. McGee wasn’t giving us any info.

Then the messages started coming in. “Ready to move yet?”

According to the news, this happened:

The State Police bomb squad is investigating a suspicious device that was found attached to the gas tank of a car.

Officials responded to an apartment complex on Whiskey Tango Blvd in Plymouth where a woman said she found the device attached to the gas tank of her pickup truck.

The State Fire Marshall’s office said the device was “an improvised device with a firework that could explode.”

“It was two wires hanging out of the gas tank with a fire cracker attached to it.” said Kristen’s downstairs neighbor, who lives near the scene.

The bomb squad was able to remove the device without detonating it.

Witnesses said they saw blue wires hanging from the tank and smelled gasoline. Kristen’s neighbor said she also smelled gasoline.

“I only smelled it because I came near it to see what the heck was hanging out of the truck,” Neighbor said.

Plymouth police are currently investigating. So far, there is no suspect and no motive.

And I thought I needed to move solely for the lack of laundry facilities. OK, I do have them, but the crazy lady on the first floor stole Julie’s underwear out of the machine.

So yeah, I’m looking for a new place to live. I wish I didn’t have to rent, but I’m self employed so after my deductions come out of my gross income, I don’t look awesome on paper.

Maybe someday I’ll get a big book deal or movie rights, or something that will get me the hell out of Whiskey Tango.

But today, I’m off to the laundromat.


Julie Gets A Date Night

TODAY’S BREW: Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate! Sounds fancy as shit, right?!

By Julie

The library in my town is a big deal. They host a lot of events, the biggest of which is The Taste of the Town. This is a monster fundraising event for the library featuring all the most shwanky local restaurants, massive excellent auctions, and all the booze you can drink from a thousand different boozeries.

Lucky for me, my husband’s liquor store handles all the booze. So we get in FO FREE. Okay, we sneak in, but still, nobody questions us.

This is as close to a fancy date night as we get. I get to look as femme fatale as I rightfully should, while charming the pants off of countless liquor representatives, politicians and other classy folks. Oh yeah, my husband gets to come, too, which is a nice treat because date night for us includes 2 kids and Walmart clearance deals. But this night, we drink the finest wine, eat sushi and duck and lobster, and all sorts of desserts, and just be us. There’s little library ladies walking around with push carts filled with wrapped books, and for $20 you can buy one, get some surprise book, and many of them have gift certificates tucked inside. (My wonderful husband bought me one of these as a surprise, winning me Brad Thor’s BLACK LIST, and the chance to unwrap a beautifully packaged book like it held gold inside. It did not have a gift certificate, but again, we only go to Walmart.)

Turns out a young lady that I absolutely adore, who used to work for me at Victoria’s Secret, is now in charge of the fundraising for the library, so we got to talk about me doing a speaking event or two, which is basically the coolest thing ever. And I’m excited to donate a paperback of RUNNING HOME to the library, also. To be able to bump into townies and say they can borrow my book from the library is extra cool.

Then the coolest thing happened. A VIP from Budweiser asked me for a signed copy of my book, when I hadn’t even been talking to him! That’s cool, right? I mean, I felt a little famous, sitting at an empty table with literary folks and important townspeople milling around, signing my book. If I hadn’t drank as much as I had, I probably still would have gotten choked up. To have come that far in a year’s time is an incredible feeling. And to bump into my former employee, both of us doing something we love, was the cherry on top. I can’t help but wonder where I’ll be next year in November when this event pops back up.

So, this is pretty much just a happy story from Julie. I’m lucky, thankful, loved and in love, and only see good things on the horizon.




The Ghosts of Industry

Today’s Brew:  I want coffee so bad right now but I have to be up before the rooster tomorrow morning.  Water only.  Wah.

by Kristen

File:Cordage Commerce Center.JPG

Back when industry thrived in America, Cordage Park in North Plymouth, Massachusetts supported a vibrant local community as well as the world with the rope it produced. At one time, the Cordage Company was the largest producer of rope and twine in the world.  My Grampy worked at the Cordage.  Houses throughout the village were made for the workers, and gorgeous mansions for the bosses (just one street over from where our very own Julie lives now).  The company closed in 1964, when it could no longer compete with synthetic fiber rope making.

The building has had many incarnations in the almost fifty years since the last rope was made.  For many years, rumors swirled about casinos and condos being built on site.  The notorious Plymouth Rock Movie Studios operated their offices from one of the Cordage buildings.  An unsuccessful mall withered away.  Walmart came and went.  Now, the complex houses medical offices, satellite office locations, the regional unemployment office, a gym, and several restaurants.  The carcass of the old Walmart of course stands empty.

But does it have any ghosts?

Many people have told stories of unexplained music being played and children laughing.  Another rumored permanent resident is a boy who got caught in the smokestack and died.  Remember, there were no child labor laws in the nineteenth century.

Not all of the complex has found new uses.  Some of the buildings near the old train tracks (Cordage now marks the last stop of the MBTA commuter rail) remain abandoned.  The company is on the shores of the Atlantic, so I’m not sure if the decaying buildings had anything to do with train or boat travel.  A small marina still operates on the site.  I took a few pictures for you today when I visited the farmer’s market.  (I got jalapeno and blueberry jams).



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G.T. Almasi is a real live published author right here in our hometown of Plymouth, which is also America’s hometown. For Kristen and I, it’s like having a born and raised American Idol finalist. Congratulations, G.T.!

Clay Stafford

Today’s featured book is Blades of Winter by G.T. Almasi.

Move over James Bond. There’s a new girl in town, 19 and unstoppable.

Why I chose this book:

Today’s Book of the Day is non-stop action and fits solidly in the alternate history subgenre of science fiction. The first line was enough to hook me and also make me chuckle: “Nothing pisses me off more than being shot at while I’m eating.” Half action story, half comic book tale this book reveals an alternate U.S. history set in our time, but with changes, such when we kicked Castro out of Cuba and made it a state. Don’t worry that the history is not matching our own. You’ll get history lessons along the way clarifying why things are as they are.

The story is set in the world that goes on without our knowledge (much like our real spy world). We…

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