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Not Always What You Expect

Today’s Brew: All the hot stuff. Snow day number, what? 16? 20?

by Kristen

FreePort [No. 007]: Céleste Boursier-Mougenot

I’m a dork. I love museums. Yesterday Liz and I went to the Peabody Essex Museum to see from here to ear. This modern art exhibit features 70 zebra finches playing electric guitar. What did I just say? Yes, they play guitar. The birds land on the strings, hop around, preen, chirp, sing, even bicker, and their movements turn into music. All of the guitars are set for different effects. The birds can also land on a couple of bass guitars, too, and they eat birdseed out of overturned cymbals.

Bad ass.

The amazing part of the exhibit was how melodious music from the pitter patter of little birdie feet could actually be. It was one of the most fascinating exhibits I’d ever seen.  Now I’m trying to get McGee to start a band.  Believe it or not, he isn’t interested.

One cool thing I realized while looking at the other exhibits was that art can make me angry. These things that people come up with! Beautiful and bizarre. I’m jealous that others have big brains that can see things than no one else does. Why do we conform? Why do we except less than spectacular in our lives? We’re all capable of so much.

After Liz and I parted ways, I had two choices: sit in traffic or go to the mall for a while. I know, art just pissed me off because it was so fabulous and I go to the mecca of mediocrity. Had I not needed a few odds and ends for my makeup kit at Sephora, I probably would have opted for traffic. I took my time at the mall, went through all the stores to see what was happening. Most of my makeup jobs are commercial or corporate, very natural, no makeup looks. Vogue Italia is not knocking down my door for any crazy avante guard shit. But still, I should keep up with trends.

My eyes.

I’m pretty sure all the old supply closets from 80’s sitcoms and soap operas exploded, and the debris made its way to the mall. I saw high waisted jeans. Belly shirts. More polyester fibers than I can tell you about without breaking into a sweat. Chain patterns. I like to consider myself pretty open minded to fashion, but these clothes weren’t just ugly, they won’t flatter anyone who’s ever had a cookie. Thank God for online retailers, because that’s where I’ll be replenishing my closet this season.

Today, as I mentioned, it’s snowing, and I love these days. I don’t have to worry about driving in the nonsense and I get to write all day. I’m putting the finishing touches on one first draft, then I’ll be diving into promo and edits on the other books in the pipeline.

Speaking of promo, you may or may not have been aware I had a short story, more of an expanded scene from Because the Night, available for free on Smashwords. All I kept hearing was how FREE was the gateway to success, but I’m not comfortable making a full length novel free forever. My solution was this short story. I figured it was just a teaser, and if the reader wanted more, they’d buy my full length books.

Notice I said HAD. People didn’t like it. It confused them. They thought it was too short. They didn’t get what it was supposed to be. So I took it down. While I’m surprised that it didn’t work, I’m not sorry I tried it. Like the birds on the guitars and the clothes at the mall, you never know what is going to be beautiful and what is going to send you running in the other direction.


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