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Awaiting The End of Camp Mom

TODAY’S BREW: Pumpkin Spice! Because I am finished with this summer crap.

By Julie

I am desperate for autumn.

I cannot WAIT for my six year old to be in school all day. He needs constant mental stimulation. Constant. I cannot provide it. I am going mental providing it.

Also, I need the following things:

  1. To be able to wear a sweatshirt and go for a walk to the duck pond with a cup of coffee.
  2. For the tourists to all go home so I can drive to Cape Cod for the day with the kids and do things people who live here do.
  3. Apple picking. I don’t cook anything with apples, but I totally love apple picking.
  4. Halloween. Come on. We love Halloween at
  5. COLOR. I cannot handle one more day of blazing white bright skies with beige beaches and black pavement. I want fall colors more than I can even express. It seriously just gave me a pang in my stomach how much I need color.
  6. Sweatpants.
  7. More sweatpants.
  8. Running Home to be out in all forms so I don’t have any more ulcers.
  9. Pumpkin everything. Pumpkin colored things, scented things, flavored things.

With autumn comes a return to normalcy for me. The schedule is partly planned out, which means I am no longer Mom Camp Organizer. I suck at Mom Camp. I find it impossible to enjoy things that are hot, bright and loud, and that is all summer is to me. I cannot even pretend to enjoy it anymore. A month of this was enough. And I have a month more to go. I may not make it.

I look forward to the following things at this, the tail end of summer:

  1. Our annual trip to see our ridiculous friends, Mike and Kristen and their 2 kids that are best friends with our kids. There will be S’mores, and a pond, and movies and drinking, and more fun packed into a couple of days than I can handle. I miss them every day, and can’t wait to see them all.
  2. This trip is to Ossipee, New Hampshire. Yeah, that Ossipee, the very one from Running Home. So I get to play up there publicizing the book, and enjoying the solitude of the woods like Ellie. Also, the Black Bear Cafe. All day long. (Note: On A Clear Day, the gift shop Ellie works at, was in fact a real place, owned and run by the same friend, Kristen’s mom, Vivienne, the same one who is Ellie’s boss.) Also note, different Kristen.
  4. The Marshfield Fair. This is an event that supplies fried dough, overpriced games, terrifying carny rides, and childhood memories.
  5. The zoo. Any goddamn zoo. Have not been once yet this summer.

There you have it. Once all of these things have occurred, my mental health will return to its previous state of only slightly manic. Because right now, guys, I am all over the place. I have never spent so much time entertaining in my life. I need my solitude to write, and these damn kids get up earlier every day, eliminating my early morning write time. It is making me an unbearable person, I’m afraid. This post is a reminder that I am not always an incorrigible bitch, only some of the time. And that time will return soon. Until then, buckle up, because Camp Mom is on the tear.



Too Much Fun With Kat: Running Home Character Expo

TODAY’S BREW: It’s S’mores flavored!

by Julie

Running Home is almost real! In nine days you’ll meet all of the vampires, the doomed, and the fighters in person, but until then I will give you a character at a time.

Kat is a favorite of…well, just about everybody’s, just like the real life person who she ended up morphing into a bit; our very own Kristen Strassel.

She’s a red-headed kitten of a woman, with an unassuming heart, and a romantic sense of adventure that gets her into too much trouble. Kat will try anything, with a smile on her face that begs you to come along for the ride. That almost childlike enthusiasm is why she ran away to the big city, where she crashed and burned, sending her back to her hometown of Ossipee, and her forever friend, Ellie Morgan.

Ellie and Kat are opposites in every way possible, which always makes for the best friendships. But Ellie, being who she is, is a little suspect of her attachment to Kat, and feels there may be something bigger at play that keeps them together when they need each other most. (Bit of a spoiler.) Kat keeps Ellie from becoming a complete introvert, worrying at her complete disinterest in humanity, and constantly setting her up with some guy that Ellie just cannot click with. But, in that Kat way, she always gets Ellie to agree to her cooked up plans, which while not always safe, do always turn out to be interesting.

Childlike enthusiasm personified.

Kat is not a bimbo, but she plays one on TV. Not the conniving ditz who plays dumb to get all the guys, our Kitty Kat is a little insecure about how quick she really is, and tends to only show the side of her that is bubbly, outgoing to a fault, the life of the party, and a hopeless romantic, if not well-schooled in the ways of men. It’s the ability to see that there’s even more to this delight of a girl that makes Ellie so attached to her and the life she leads, makes Roman look at her like a little sister to be protected, and makes our resident psychopath, Chris Lynch, fall for her.

She’s quicker than she lets on.

When fate drives Lynch to the sad excuse for a law firm that Kat dominates as a receptionist, her search for Prince Charming sends her into his arms. But for a man that only equates love with the need to possess in the sickest ways possible, it is a dangerous road she travels, and one that Ellie, Nicholas and Roman bear the burden of to the bitter end.


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