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Because the Night Character Expo: Callie

Today’s Brew: I’m praying for Starbucks. I’m coming to you from the Independent Author Symposium in Warwick, RI today. I wrote this post in advance.

by Kristen

I’ve seen so much through Callie’s eyes in the last two years, it’s almost as hard to tell you about her as it would be to tell you about myself. You know when someone asks you that question and you hem and haw and can’t come up with anything because to you, it’s all so obvious?

"The Muse" SO Callie. SO. Callie.

This picture came with the “muse” caption already on it. And this is EXACTLY what I picture Callie to look like. The coincidence is almost eerie.

Simply put, Callie is a hopeless romantic.  It’s love that brings her to Las Vegas, love that keeps her there, and love that does her in. She thinks with her heart rather than her head sometimes, and it always gets her into trouble. It’s something that can be frustrating to watch, but hindsight is 20/20. We hate her decisions, but we’d all do the same exact things in her shoes.

Callie marches to the beat of her own drummer in all aspects of life. A homeschooled kid from a hippie family, she doesn’t have the pretense of celebrity and fashioned obsessed girls. Callie takes chances and trusts too easily. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, but don’t think for a minute that makes her a pushover. She loves to create things, from her own clothes to food that won’t kill you. She doesn’t fit into the stereotypical groupie mold. She wears tie dyed skirts, peasant shirts, and china doll slippers.

It was truly a coincidence that I named her Calliope, after the muse of lyric poetry. Some girls just have something that makes the boys in bands stop and notice, and Callie’s got that thing. It’s not a tangible quality. It’s the sum of many parts.  There’s nothing sexy than inspiring someone else to create art, and that’s what the muse does.

Callie will always have a special place in my heart. We learned a lot about writing books together. We got knocked down, then stood up, dusted ourselves off and said “eff you” together.” It makes my heart swell when readers say they sympathize with her actions or that she seems “real.”  I’m not sure what the future has in store for Callie (I’m currently working on We Own the Night), or the books, but so far, it’s been a hell of a ride.


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