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Memorial Day Sappiness With Julie

TODAY’S BREW: Memorial Day Margaritas. Don’t judge me.

By Julie


Memorial Day is literally the only complete day my husband will take off from work this month, and only because he has to. Liquor stores have to close. Tim works tirelessly because it’s what allows me to be home with my babies. He does it so I can write, so I can do what my brain and heart itch for. He does it so our kids can see that this is how you pursue happiness. And he does it because he believes that I can make my dream a reality.

Now he’s right. My first book is becoming a real live book, the way I wanted it to be done. Every minute I think it, which is every minute, it seems surreal. Walking through BJ’s Wholesale Club the other day with my family, the six year old, Bennett, was looking at books with me. And he asked me “Your book is going to be like these?” I could say yes. It must have seemed almost impossible to him, and I hope that everything he thinks is impossible can be possible for him and his little brother, and I hope that I am much of the reason why they believe.

I hope that I have given some of that same hope to my husband, who has given me so much belief in myself. To be told that someone believes in you is one thing, but this man shows it to me every single day with the smile on his face after another countless work day, with the way he holds his children and plays with them. He looks to me like a man that is perfectly happy and knows the best is yet to come. I could not be more proud to be a part of that.

This Memorial Day meant something a little different to me. People who sacrifice for others aren’t just limited to the armed services. They are the people in your life that trust you, compromise for your happiness, and don’t take the easy way out because they know that risk sometimes pays off if you believe in the cause hard enough.

My husband is my cause, his belief my reason, and our children the force behind them. And soon, the fruits of my labor will be in your hands, and I hope you feel the force of the words, too. Thank you for always reading my work, and encouraging me. Don’t ever think that I forget a word of what you say to keep me writing. Thank you for believing in me.



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