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So…Where Was I Again?

Today’s Brew: Coconut Mocha with Soy, baby. Yeah, Kristen is back.

8 days, 4 states, 1200 miles, 23 hours of driving. Yup, that was my work week.

Believe me, I am not whining about having too much work. I know I’m blessed to be doing something I love. I know so many people right now have the opposite problem, and as a freelance self employed subcontractor, I know at any time, that could be me. I’m more marveling at the fact that I lived to tell the tale.

As we’ve mentioned a few times here before, I work as a makeup artist. I mostly do production work, such as film, TV, and corporate video. Sprinkle in a wedding here and there for variety. I’m also an assistant regional manager for a cosmetic company. New England territory is my bitch.

Like my retail background helped prepare me for the rigors of working as a makeup artist, I believe that working as a makeup artist helps me as a writer. I’m always creating. I also get to meet really interesting people and see places I wouldn’t normally have access to. I also have a decent understanding of how to promote my art and creativity in a professional manner. I can also take criticism for my creations without letting it affect my ego and enthusiasm.

I also come up with some of my best writing material when I’m in the car, listening to music. How could I not be inspired to write when I traveled so deeply into the land of Stephen King? (And let me tell you, those characters are based on real people) I made sure I packed my notebook, and it came home full of ideas that weren’t there when I left. I can’t wait to be able to catch up on my writing again, and incorporate these ideas from the road into Immortal Forever, as well as the other installments in what looks like it’s becoming a series.

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