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Light up the Night

Today’s Brew:  Dayquil
I wrote this for a makeup blog I worked on last year.  It’s a cool product and if you’re still thinking on your Halloween ensemble, this can make any look instantly cool.

Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year so we have two weekends to be frightening and fabulous! If  you’re not still quite sure what your Halloween costume (or costumes!) will be, consider planning a look with Make Up For Ever’s  fluorescent pigment, called Fluo Night Black Light Pigment. After Halloween passes, Fluo Night will be a fun way to get a second look out on the dance floor.

Fluo Night is an extra fine fluorescent pigment which glows when exposed to UV light.   It’s transparent so you can simply add it to your every day makeup for an easy transition to night time or you can combine it with your face and body makeup to create a unique character look.  Like all Make Up For Ever products, it’s formulated for long wear so you glow all night long.  Because it’s a powder, it’s a great way to set cream shadows and makeup.  For a Halloween look, it  adds extra spook to a skeleton makeup.  For a club look, Fluo is  fantastic over lipstick or gloss, or  adds just a little hint of glow over a winged cat eye liner.

A couple of things to keep in mind when using Fluo Night:  It is not glow in the dark.  It is black light, like those old velvet posters from the 1970′s.  It needs a UV light to create the glow.  If you were hoping to have a glow in the dark look while trick or treating or at the club, it won’t happen unless you are near a UV black light.  Also, since this is a transparent powder, you need to be super careful with your application.  You may not be able to see fallout until it’s too late.  You know how lint looks on a sweater under black light?  Don’t let that happen to your makeup!

Apply the makeup where you will be using Fluo Night first and then clean up any areas you might get fallout like cheekbones or around your mouth with moisturizer on a sponge, and then apply makeup as your normally would to the rest of those areas.  If you are accentuating a cream makeup character look such as a skeleton, apply small amounts of the pigment at a time with a brush to the areas you wish to highlight.  Make sure to tap the brush to dislodge any extra pigment before bringing it up to your face.  The pigment is very blendable, so you will be able to create stunning accents.

Make Up For Ever Fluo Night Black Light Pigment is limited edition and  available exclusively at Sephora.

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