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Kristen Live on Lydia’s Literary Lowdown Today!

Today’s Brew:  Orange Juice.

by Kristen

Today at 5 PM EST, I will be chatting with Lydia Aswolf about Because The Night and Night Moves.  Please tune in!  Not only is it me, so it will be interesting anyway, but I haven’t attempted to eat anything more exotic than a bagel in the last 72 hours.

Julie will be on the Twitter box, holding down the live tweets.

Join the party!  Here’s the link!  Lydia’s Literary Lowdown

Want to know more about Lydia?  Go check out her blog.


Julie Speaks and The World Listens

Today’s Brew:  various varieties of fruity ales.  Clementine and Apricot.  Yum to the tum.

by Kristen and Julie.  There hasn’t been a twosome in awhile on here.  You guys deserve the best.

Our little Julie is kind of a big deal.  First a book deal, and today an interview with Lydia’s Literary Lowdown on Blog Radio.

Julie and Lydia connected on you guessed it, Twitter.  That place that we all go and Julie entertains us.  Lydia asked Jules to do this interview long before Running Home got a deal, because she believed in her enough to put her on the show, stinkin’ book deal or not.  Typing is easy, but talking is hard.  Or so we built it up in our heads to be.  Julie sounded like a pro.  After all, she was talking about her favorite subject:  herself.  Oh yeah, and her Running Home.

Fun Fact:  Lydia is also a psychic and medium.  Check out her website for more info!

Doing the interview made the book coming out feel real. Julie didn’t do a ton of prep for the interview, because she didn’t want to feel rehearsed or screw it up from too much thinking. Hearing the moderator introduce her was strange, as well as going to the “green room” to talk behind the scenes.    It was a surreal experience for Julie, talking about the potential of the book, and how well it could do.  Or not do.  Talking to someone that Julie had met over social media who knew her book so well was kind of humbling. They spoke about Lydia’s take on the book, which was different than Julie steering the conversation. Lydia was surprised to learn that the book came to life in many notebooks, by hand, and then modeled on the computer.  It made the book take on a life that Julie never expected that it could.  If she needed to be any more energized about the release, well Lydia did it.  Lydia can’t wait for the sequel, but she’s going to have to be patient, because our Julie is a busy girl.

Julie had come to my house to do the interview because my house doesn’t have kids in it.  So I was here too, sitting exactly where I am now in the living room while Julie sweat through the interview in my kitchen, drinking a beer.  I decided as the interview started to live tweet it to get people listening as it happened.  I had a blast doing this.  People participated the whole hour, listened in, gushed about their reactions to listening to Julie, retweeted, and favorited.  Our sweet Jolene even tried to call in!  When the Twitter feed died down, I tweeted out fun facts related to the interview and Running Home, and if Julie said anything quotable.  (but not too much of that, because we don’t want her head to get big or anything).  It was almost like promo for the promo.  People from all over the world tuned in and chatted with me.

“This was like a movie started moment.”  Julie said.  We had so much fun doing this.  Julie will most likely be doing something like this again.  And maybe someday, so will I.

Julie’s Interview is available for your listening pleasure all this week.

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