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Ellie Morgan, meet Kings of Leon

TODAY’S BREW:  tea.  just regular black tea.  that’s okay sometimes.

(Note from Kristen:  I couldn’t embed video in this post like I thought I could, so to hear the song, click on the links.)

So, I have a revolving soundtrack to my life, as I am sure many of us do.  Since writing Running Home has encompassed a major portion of my life, even before I became partially unemployed, it has its own soundtrack, too.  It’s not always one that I expect…I listen to so much Rob Zombie, (doing it right now at Kristen’s), it would be natural to assume he appears in there, but shockingly, he does not. Much of the time I will hear a song while driving, the only place I occasionally get to hear grown up music, and it just fits into something I am working on, like it naturally gels with my brain.

The one time I actually heard a song for the first time, and was inspired to write a scene from scratch, was with Kings of Leon’s “Closer.” I still remember how I had to remind myself to relax because I was freaking out to get home and write when I heard it.  I listened to it about 15 times in a row.  Still do, actually.  My five year old likes it, too, thank goodness, or I would never hear the end of it every time I start it over.  “Closer” is one of the major inspirations for my novel.  It just opened up a lot inside me, and really had the same tone and feeling that this novel has. If a song could play when you opened the cover, this is the one you would hear when you open the theoretical cover of Running Home.  It almost makes me cry how perfect it is.

But one scene in particular was born because of this song, would never have existed if I hadn’t become a little obsessed with it.  So, here it is…from Chapter 26…

I awoke from the most gratifying sleep I have ever had with not a hint of drowsiness in my body.  I felt tingly with life, ready for anything.  But I knew exactly what I was most ready for.

I swung my legs out of Nicholas’s low bed, and grabbing a sweater he’d left in a heap near the door, ventured to the kitchen.  The back door still wasn’t perfectly aligned, so it squealed as I pulled it open.  The workboots Nicholas wore to shovel were at the door.  I slid into them like a child playing dress-up.

This was no game.  I had no time to waste.  He was coming.

I walked out into the cold, crunchy snow and still darkness, across the vast lawn that rose into the hills, topped by the larger than life forest.  The night was bruise black but for the immense full moon that appeared so close I wanted to reach out and touch its cratered surface.

Then something more incredible came into view.

He appeared, rising over the hill as he trudged through the snow at the edge of the woods.  The silver moon illuminated him, a halo around his silhouette of curls and luminescent face, an angel.  The rest of his powerful frame began to appear over the hill.  He was shirtless, wearing only the ordinary black jeans from days before, so out of place on such an inhuman creature.  The angles and curves of his herculean body glided across the snow, radiating power and agility.  He was a god, a beastlike angel, moving between worlds in one night.  I could not even lust after his perfection, so extraordinary and otherworldly he was.

As he grew closer I realized how I gawked, paralyzed by his flawlessness, and went quickly to him, but he crossed far more ground than I in the short time.  He stopped, inches from me.  His scent was of blood and earth, like a jungle cat would smell.  I breathed relief, knowing it made him whole.

That’s enough!  No more book for you!

Thank you, Kings of Leon, who I think are always fighting nastily with each other, but they did great things for me.


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