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A Slutcracker Saturday Surprise!

TODAY’S BREW: Broke down for a Starbuck’s Peppermint Mocha

By Julie

Thursday night The Undead Duo with accompaniment had the extreme pleasure of seeing The Slutcracker, in which our beyond perfect friend Ludella Hahn performed. (If you don’t know this picture of perfection, find her here. and like her on Facebook .)

Photo: Sorry Santa...I think all the cookies are for me. (I'm a naughty elf.)<br />
Photos by Evan Smith Photography. Shot for my cover feature last December in Drive-In Magazine.</p>

Because I’m all filled with holiday joy after the “sextravaganza” of The Slutcracker, I’m prickly to present an excerpt from the sexy novel our good friend Jillian Marques is working on.

DISCLAIMER: IF YOU ARE JILL’S MOM, SHE REQUESTS YOU READ NO FURTHER. Everyone else, enjoy some Sextastic Saturday…..

When I had finally calmed I told him the whole story. I could see he was struggling not to get up and find the fiend responsible. But instead he sat and held my hand. Staring intently into my eyes I felt whole. This is what I needed. With a silent signal, he knew.

He undressed slowly… Smirking with a sexy grin, like this is what he had really been expecting. I went to sit up and make room but he shook his head. He stood at the end of the tub and spread my legs. He stepped in slowly and knelt down. I didn’t realize he was hard, or wanted me right now, like this. He laid his chest on top of me not letting his full weight pull me under. He looked so deeply into my eyes; I swear he found my soul. The deepest darkest place inside me was yearning to be found.

He kissed me, slowly at first. But the smoldering embers started to blaze with fire as I felt his tongue, his breath reach inside me. We sank into the water, completely submerged. For once I wasn’t worried about the mess we were making and just let myself go. We breathed in and out with each other. Embraced in this ridiculous position I would never able to move away. I didn’t feel suffocated. I felt free.

I felt his fingers slowly move down my breast to my road to heaven. He slipped in as I let out a moan. He gently massaged and moved his way around as I wiggled to control myself. I needed air so I slowly started to move us up. He never stopped touching me. I let out a gasp as the water dripped down my hair and face. He nibbled my ear and kissed down my neck to my collar bone. He grazed his teeth there and I quivered with anticipation. I don’t know where it came from but I whispered “I’m a beast, unleash me.”

He looked at me, his eyes on fire. He started to move away, getting out of the tub. He wrapped himself in a towel and held a hand out to me. He lifted me, still wet, and I wrapped my legs around him. We bumped into everything on the way to the bedroom. Walls, tables, a lamp, pretty sure its broken. But I didn’t care. It was the here and now. My hair let droplets fall down my body as he laid me down. He unwrapped his towel and lay next to me. I wanted him…

He held my hands down so I couldn’t touch him. I wanted to grab his cock and shove it inside me so I could find my bliss. He lifted his body over me and slid down, his face at my belly button, his hands gripping my ass. He stopped there, using his tongue to trace the line of my hips down to the gates of heaven. He worked his smooth tongue in and out, spreading my legs and squeezing me closer to go deeper. He started to hum, vibrating everything his face, his lips, his tongue touched. I grasped the pillow.

“Fuck!” I let out.

“Oh, really?”

I reached down and pulled him towards me. He softy grazed my body with his and once his lips were close enough to mine I swiftly flipped him over so I was straddling him. I had waited long enough; it was my turn to be in control.

I rubbed his chest up and down as I took in every muscle, every wrinkle, and every hair. As I leaned down I let my nipples brush his chest, his arms, his neck. I put them over his face so that he was surrounded by my overflowing breasts. He squeezed my ass to bring me closer. His hands made their way around my hips underneath my cheeks and he gently started to massage me as he his tongue found my collarbone. He traced the line of it up to my ear and ever so gently nibbled my lobe. How did this man know exactly how to drive me crazy? I let out a heavy sigh, I didn’t want any of it to stop. His hot breathe was in my ear as he whispered “I want you.”

I slowly sat up. He removed his hands from my ass and moved to my front, one on a breast, the other continuing to massage. I lifted ever so slightly and let him fall into me. His shaft filled me and it was excruciatingly pleasurable. I groaned. He kept massaging as I leaned back giving him a better view of all aspects of my womanhood. I could feel the stretch in my thighs and the small of my back. He grabbed my thighs and thrust in to me so hard that I let out a yelp of pain, a good pain and I wanted him to do it again… and again…and again.

He could see how I was enjoying this moment so he gave me exactly what I wanted. He squeezed my thighs harder as he thrust with every hip movement into me. I could feel the intensity building together. I could see the fireworks as the heat flowed from inside me. He quickly sat up to bring me close and without ever losing his touch pulled his knees underneath for more leverage, my legs wrapped around him. He brought himself up with every thrust and I was weightless. I pressed myself against him so I could feel every muscle, every breath. My arms wrapped around his back and let my nails graze the skin next to his spine. His breathe caught and he shivered… success. I smiled to myself as he kissed my neck in a million places. I couldn’t hold on much longer like this but I didn’t want it to end.

I pushed him back and lay completely flat across him. There was not a single part of our bodies that didn’t touch. Our hips gyrated in a single motion as I found myself saying “More! More!” He thrust harder until my groans felt as if they would shake the walls. I exploded with ecstasy feeling him shake beneath me. The joint release was so powerful that we breathed in unison until we could catch our breath. I kept flexing my muscles from the inside and each time his breath caught and he held me closer.

I gently slid to the side, leaving my arm across his chest. He gently stroked my hair and kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes to enjoy this warm, blissful place I had found. This man was real. He made me feel more alive, and more woman than any individual before. I was fairly certain I had completely fallen for this man as I drifted into sleep.

I woke with a start when I could feel Adam slipping his arm out from underneath me.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“Stay.” I whispered. He stared at me intently. “Stay.” As I said it my eyes started to well as the reality of the day had come crashing down on me.

He climbed back into bed and laid down facing me. I was embarrassed, but I couldn’t stop myself.

“I won’t let anyone hurt you Janie.” He brushed my hair from my face. “I’ll stay forever if you want me.”

I let the tears flow. I had never felt so free to be this emotional. He wrapped his arms around me and let me extricate myself of these fears.


Stranger by Jillian Marques

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 TODAY’S BREW: So much Hazelnut my body will weep with need for water.
My long time friend Jillian Marques has been kind and brave enough to give us her first attempt at writing for Stories To Strip By! Wait until you see this, and like me, beg her for more. Follow Jill on twitter @j_moo107.
by Jillian Marques

I spent most of my walk home thinking about how I needed more excitement in my life. I mean… Here I am. 30. I work too much. I live alone. I probably drink too much. And I’m bored. The most exciting thing that’s happened to me in the months is this storm. Lightening in the city is terrifying but I was invigorated. Every flash brought an accelerated heartbeat, a quick in my step, shadows lurking behind corners… my imagination was getting the best of me. It had started to rain, but I didn’t mind. It was warm and holding my face to the sky it made me feel alive.

When I got to my building the power flickered in the lobby and I only thought for a second about taking the stairs. My heels were killing me and it had been a long day….
I hadn’t noticed him until the doors started to close. He was lurking in a shadow and I could just make out his eyes. I could hear the thunder rumble and a heat flew through the air. We were only halfway to the top when with a jolt the elevator stopped.

Excitement you say? This isn’t what I was expecting…

The stranger and I could both feel it in the electrified air. Whether it be the storm outside or the fact we were stuck I will never know, but does it matter? I put it out of my head. He stared me down with catlike green eyes. He stared so hard I hadn’t noticed he was right on front of me. I could feel his breath on my lips. The heat of his body radiating to mine, one more inch and his body would be pressed into mine. I couldn’t stop myself! A fiery energy burst out of me with flames that could only be smoldered by giving in to my desire. I found myself against the wall. The heat of him was all around me. His manhood pressing into my thigh as his tongue found its way inside me. He held my hands over my head and grasped my breasts with undulated yearning. I wanted him.

“Take me.” I whispered.

“Not yet.” He whispered back. “Not. Yet.”

His hands found their way down my neck, my shoulders, ribs, hips, right past that place that makes you quiver with anticipation. He was on his knees. Kissing my ribs, my belly… Oh the hips! He kissed me through the sexy skirt I wore today and I wanted more. I groaned. He nibbled. I wanted more. His hands made their way up my thigh lifting my skirt. He parted my black lace thong and I could feel his fingers find me. I gripped his manhood which was hard and inviting. I needed him. I needed this. I lifted my leg and wrapped it around his waist. Pulsating into him I could tell maybe he would give in.

I felt my way down his muscular chest and unzipped to my bliss. He spilled out and I couldn’t wait any longer. I made him enter me. He grabbed my ass and lifted me. Pressed against the cold elevator wall I shivered. The heat was all around me now and I could feel it building from the inside. I could feel the smolder turn into flame as he found me over and over. He filled me to the brim and I was ready to explode. I moaned louder with each move. Ecstasy was what I felt. The excitement of a stranger with the pleasure of physical love… I couldn’t hold on much longer.

My lips found his, his tongue found mine, our breath moved in beautiful unison and the fire came to an unbearable climax. I grabbed his silky hair and gave it all I had. His lips found their way down my neck to my collar bone as he thrust me harder. Harder! With a moan of epic proportions fireworks exploded. A release of all that energy, mystery, suspense, melted out of me as we both exhaled.

I felt my way down his muscular arms to his chest feeling his muscles rise with every intake of sweet breath. Slowly he began to release me. First one leg, then the other, never backing away, never letting go. He must have been a gentlemen because he pulled down my skirt, still not letting me go. He embraced me, holding his lips to my ear, I shivered again with the memory. I laid my head on his shoulder and took a deep breath. He smelled exotic.

The elevator started to move and we began to unwind. He placed his hands on my hips and my breath caught. I wanted him to leave them there. I wanted him pressed against me again… I went to speak and he pressed his finger to my lips. I closed my eyes and let myself have the moment. “Our secret.” He whispered.

When the doors opened I had to get out. When I turned to ask his name he was back in the shadows. I decided I would let it go. He would remain “the stranger”, and this would be our little secret.

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