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Cover Reveal! IN STONE by Louise D. Gornall

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By Julie

Our delicious friend, Louise Gornall wrote this killer book, IN STONE, and there’s GARGOYLES, so get it. It has this monstrously gorgeous new cover that I want to lick.

Book blurb:


Beau Bailey is suffering from a post-break-up meltdown when she happens across a knife in her local park and takes it home. Less than a week later, the new boy in school has her trapped in an alley; he’s sprouted horns and is going to kill Beau unless she hands over the knife. Until Eighteenth-century gargoyle, Jack, shows up to save her. Jack has woken from a century-long slumber to tell Beau that she’s unwittingly been drafted into a power struggle between two immortal races: Demons and Gargoyles. The knife is the only one in existence capable of killing immortals and they’ll tear the world apart to get it back. To draw the warring immortals away from her home, Beau goes with Jack in search of the mind-bending realm known as the Underworld, a place where they’ll hopefully be able to destroy the knife and prevent all hell from breaking loose. That is, provided they can outrun the demons chasing them.



About The Author:



Louise is a graduate of Garstang Community Academy. She’s currently studying for a BA (Hons) in English language and literature with special emphasis on creative writing. YA aficionado. Brit bird. Film nerd. Identical twin. Junk food enthusiast. Rumored pink Power Ranger. Zombie apocalypse 2012 survivor, and avid collector of book boyfriends.

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Be My Valentine!

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by Kristen

I was at work, bored out of my mind listening to people rave about a new platform to sell investment banking, and I came up with a brilliant idea.  See? Good stuff can come out of sitting in a cubicle.

I decided to ask some of my author friends what their main couples would get each other for Valentine’s Day.

I think Mr. Jacob Farrish would whisk Lady Eleanore Barnaby off for a few days to Bath or Cornwall, to spend time alone. He’s a busy barrister! 😉 She would most likely give him a set of new law books, and a more…um, PRIVATE present later.
–Olivia Kelly, The Heart of a Duke

Corbin would get Mara a new bow and Mara would get Corbin a silver shield. Lol.  Not as fun in the middle ages.
–Tammy Farrell, The Darkness of Light

Beau would get Jack something sarcastic. A slogan tee with ‘If I were chocolate, I’d eat myself‘ written across the front. Or maybe, ‘James Bond 2.0‘  Jack would get Beau a limited edition Yoda doll to replace the one that was broken during the chaos. Or, all things considered, he may get her one of those squidgy stress balls with his face printed on it…
–Louise D. Gornall, In Stone
For their first Valentine’s Day together (if they make it that far, because you’ve got to remember a. They got together two months before graduation and we all know how that usually works out, and b. Tash is kind of an emotional land mine), Grant would most-likely spend weeks stressing over what to get Tash and then eventually ask his mom for guidance. She would tell Grant to get Tash a sweater or something, and Tash would hate it. Tash, on the other hand, would probably be so uncomfortable about the mere thought of taking part in Valentine’s Day that she’d attempt to lighten the mood with some kind of gag gift, and Grant would be horrified because he’d wonder if deep down Tash secretly believes that he would be caught dead wearing a “Female Body Inspector” T-shirt. After a few moments of extremely creative cursing (on Tash’s part) and painful politeness while inwardly violent self-kicking (on Grant’s part), they’d both admit how socially awkward they are and have a good laugh about it together. And then they would make out. The end.
–Isobel Irons, Promiscuous

Abel will give Brandon a customized heart-shaped guitar pick stamped with I PICK YOU, plus a hoodie with the Castaway Planet logo. His valentine card will be very large and festooned with smooching robots, and it will play a tinny “Let’s Get It On” when opened. Brandon will give Abel a limited-edition Captain James P. Cadmus action figure and a giant tin of cinnamon jelly beans, because cinnamon jelly beans will remind him of their road trip always and forever. Also, his construction-paper valentine will look handmade by a monkey with extra thumbs, but Abel will put it under his pillow anyway.
–J.C. Lillis, How to Repair a Mechanical Heart

Tavis would create a special corner in the hedge maze at the Imperial Palace for Faylanna, one with some of her favorite plants from the Gardensia Exotica planted there. It would be secluded, so she could have time to herself if she wanted, or with just Faylanna, Tavis, and their daughter.  Faylanna would secretly arrange with Tavis’ steward to clear several days of commitments and tell him to spend the time any way he wanted, so long as it had nothing to do with being the Crown Prince. They’d end up leaving the city, taking no one but themselves for the week.
–J. Elizabeth Hill, The Nine
 Cerise would give William a doctor costume and he’d go rent a wing of some hospital.
Torren has always loved literature and spent a lot of his free time reading, so as a romantic gift, Lilly would get Torren something book-related, such as an autographed first edition of a book he adores or a new book he hasn’t read yet but which she knows he’ll love. Torren’s romantic gesture for Lilly, on the other hand, would lean toward the experiential rather than the material. He would plan a romantic date and not tell her where they were going. Something super special like showing her a spectacular view she’s never seen before or taking her to a production of Turandot, which was the opera they saw on their first date together and which captivated her and stirred her emotions.
–Jeanie Grey, Awakening 2
Eliza would get Nicholas something ridiculous and so wrong it was right like a plant stand. Nicholas would get Eliza a crazy amount of food, not fancy especially but a lot. Like lobster and stuff. And an onyx necklance. He’d say it was pretty and deathy like her.
–Julie Hutchings, Running Home
Tristan would get Callie an antique sewing machine and some really pretty fabrics, like crushed velvet with a funky dye to it, because she’s been sad she hasn’t been able to make anything since she’s been in Vegas.  Callie would get Tristan a journal, a leather one with a cool cutout pattern for his songs. Then one of them would say something to ruin the whole thing, but they’d make up and have a great night.
–Kristen Strassel, Because the Night

Celebrate In Stone’s Release with Louise and Beau!

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by Kristen

In Stone

Our friend Louise Gornall’s book In Stone is available TODAY from Entranced Publishing.  Julie and I asked her if she would take the time to introduce us to one of her characters.  So, everybody, Beau.  Beau, everybody.

I wrote a story about a girl & a gargoyle. My gargoyle, Jack, he’s cool because…well, he’s a gargoyle. A British gargoyle, with a James-Bond-on-speed type lust for danger and protecting the human race. He’s also grabbed a lot of air time of late, and when Kristen and Jules asked me what topic I wanted to blog about I thought, you know what, I want to tell you guys about Beau, my ass-kicking female MC.

Beau walks a fine line between gothic and not. She lives in Doc Martens and wears way too much eyeliner. She collects CDs and comic book crap. Her mom is a mortician and Beau accidentally stumbled across her first cadaver at the tender age of eight. Suffice it to say the kids at school think she’s weird…

The kids at school ain’t seen nothing yet!

Beau is nursing a broken heart when she’s inadvertently drafted into a crazy battle for supremacy between two immortal races. In less than a week her world is turned upside down as she finds herself traipsing across creepy regions of Europe, with a gargoyle, hell bent on saving the world from a demon invasion.
Someone once asked me if Beau and I were similar in any way. I like to think we are. She approaches life with a super dry sense of humour, and when Jack isn’t drafting her into ridiculous plans, she’s petty chilled out. But never a pushover. We definitely have those things in common. She loves art and she gets her taste in music from me. But she’s much braver than I am.

 Before I wrote Beau I read a lot of blog posts on what kind of female MCs teens liked to see in YA. I know there’s that unwritten rule about writing for yourself first and foremost, but I’m twenty-seven, my teen years are nought but a hazy memory, so if I wanted to get her voice just right I knew I’d need  a teens perspective. Don’t get me wrong, anyone that knows me will tell you I’m far from grownup. Just yesterday I covered six digestives in Nutella and called that dinner. Still, that floating, invincible feeling you have at sixteen died in me when I hit twenty-five, and the issues that always seemed so mammoth were suddenly buried under the weight of things like money and marriage.

 In the first draft of In Stone Beau spoke beautifully. Her idiom was very hyperbole and poetic. Like, she used to look at flowers, fall in love and then faint — it wasn’t exactly like that, but it was something pretty close. On the second read through I swear to God I wanted punch her in the face. She drove me nuts with all her Romantic, inner-monologuing. You know the film Juno? Well, I watched that during drafting and instantly fell in love with her.  She became my inspiration for Beau’s voice. Not that I’m saying there’s anything wrong with lyrical dialogue. I’m not a huge fan of poetry, but I do love me some gorgeous script. It just didn’t suit her and the more I read, the harder it became to picture her dressed in army boots, kicking the crap out of a demon while waxing lyrical about blood and guts, you know? 

When I was researching teen voice I found it pretty awesome that most young adults had an  aversion to censorship. I was actually a little relived. I mean, I swore at seventeen. I wasn’t some gutter-mouthed kid that couldn’t blink without dropping an F-bomb, but I did do it, and the more horror I threw at Beau the more unlikely it became that she would sound off with ‘shoot’ instead of ‘shit’. It felt very natural to have her swear when the occasion called for it. She’s far from having a sailor’s mouth, but she doesn’t censor herself. 

 …And that’s pretty much who Beau is. I hope you guys have enjoyed meeting her as much as I enjoyed writing her. Massive thanks to Julie and Kristen for letting me visit and talk about my book. I heart you guys massive!




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LouiseAbout Louise:

Louise is a graduate of Garstang Community Academy. She is currently studying for a BA (Hons) in English language and literature with special emphasis on creative writing. YA aficionado. Brit bird. Film nerd. Identical twin. Junk food enthusiast. Rumored pink Power Ranger. Zombie apocalypse 2012 survivor. She is also an avid collector of book boyfriends.

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