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Wait, You’re Not Done?: Personal Interviews on Our Second Novels

TODAY’S BREW: Woodchuck Hard Cider for Julie.  Pumpkin Spice coffee for Kristen.

by Julie and Kristen

Without trying to explore All The Feelings in this blog post, Kristen and I wanted to take our super-emo blog post run from earlier this month and link it to how our feelings link to our new novels.  Again, we find ourselves working at the same pace on our newest novels, but with much different results and much different processes.  Not working on our first novels is a major change! And with change comes growth.  We decided to interview each other in 5 questions as to what makes our second books our second books with a life of their own.


1)What’s new in your second book?

There is a lot more Tristan, my smokin’ hot rockstar vampire main character, in Immortal Forever, which should make everyone happy.  A lot more Talis too, much to Callie’s dismay.  Talis wants Callie, our protagonist, out of the Immortal Dilemma picture.   Callie has a mentor to show her the ropes in the Vegas vampire world, to which we get more of a bird’s eye view.  Of course, there are new conflicts and challenges for them to face and overcome.  Not everyone gets out alive, but do they make it to the afterlife?

2)Have your main characters changed since book one?

Callie is no longer the naïve girl who started college in September.  She’s back for her second semester to battle a world she wouldn’t have believed existed just five months ago.  She’s not exactly sure what she wants, but she’s ready to fight against what she doesn’t want.  Callie is not a girl to put up with a lot of crap. Her attitudes towards Tristan and Blade, her love interest, have changed as well.

3)How have you changed since book one?

My life got completely up ended between the start and finish of Immortal Dilemma.  I lost my mom, I l had to give up my house, I lived in a hotel.  Last year at this time was the scariest time of my life.  But I got through it, and landed on my feet. A lot of people would have given up.  I think of it every time I pass someone at an intersection with a cardboard sign, asking for food or money.  That could have been me.  It made me stronger, and made me fight harder for everything I have.  There is no lay down and die.  I think that is reflected in my writing, and my characters.  They don’t give up.

4)What’s harder about the second book?  Easier?

Technically, Immortal Forever is the third book in this series.  I also wrote a prequel starring Callie and Tristan called Seasons in The Sun, which covers the backstory of their relationship.  When I began writing Immortal Dilemma, never did I imagine I’d have a literary agent when I started to write it’s sequel.  In fact, when I started Immortal Dilemma, I thought the whole story would be told in one book.  But as the story unfolded, I realized it need a To Be Continued.  Having an agent means people are paying attention.  This can’t suck. I’m probably being way too hard on myself, but that’s how I roll.  The characters have chosen their paths, and I need to follow it.  It’s not such an anything goes format anymore.  On the other hand, now that I know the main characters so well, their personalities are come through very easily now.

5)Do  you have a new soundtrack for your second book?

Seasons in the Sun had more of a country soundtrack.  Immortal Dilemma has more of a glam metal soundtrack.  Immortal Forever so far has a bit more of an industrial/alternative soundtrack.  It has a bit of a darker feel than the other two books, and the music that compliments it reflects that.


1) What is your second book (Running Away) about?

Eliza and Nicholas find their comfortable New Hampshire world, and are forced to go to the Japanese temple where Ellie will commit herself to becoming something else.  Not to give too much away.  There are lots of new vampires in Japan, a lot of new interactions and relationships, and the characters you know from Running Home are put to the test in every way possible.

2) What are your biggest challenges in writing the second novel?

Taking my characters from a place that I personally know to a place I have never been from the get-go—Japan.  Making that setting real, both beautiful and frightening for my girl.

3)What is the most exciting part of your new novel?

I love the new characters we meet!  Human and vampire, forced to live together in this secluded place, full of aggression and newness and different feelings, temperaments.  And seeing the changes in Eliza.  She completely reinvents herself, and the outcome is something nobody will expect.

4) What is your writing schedule like?

Early! With the majority of Running Home I wrote after a long night of retail, into the wee hours of the morning.  Now I set my alarm for 5AM to write with the support of the 5AM Writer’s Club on Twitter.  It’s the only time I am truly alone and awake and fresh minded.  Much different!

5) How are you reflected in the new novel?

Aw, Jesus Christ. Ellie is experiencing a detached rawness in the face of a great loss much like I have.  She is emotionless, simultaneously trying to feel and not feel.  She pushes away the one person she loves because she just can’t give him anything, she has nothing to give.  She is void of life.  And she seems strong, but she’s at her most vulnerable, when she needs someone the most, and knows no way to ask for help.  It’s very similar to how I felt after my father’s death when I was 16.  That kind of inner change determines how you react to things for the rest of your life.  Ellie doesn’t become your typical hero, she has a lot of flaws, a lot of choices that are wrong, and she makes no apologies for them.  It’s real, and imperfect.  But I absolutely love the outcome of both of us!

There you have it!  I hope you all are looking forward to the end of the second novel journey the way we are.  But in the meantime, enjoy the ride.


Everything You Wanted to Know About the Undead Duo and Some Things You Didn’t

TODAY’S BREW: For Julie Sam Adams.  Kristen is on straight coffee.  It is 8PM.

December was fun.  The Nightmares Before Christmas was a lot of fun. But Kristen and I were very quiet for the whole month.  And we aren’t good at that.  It’s time for you to see what we do and how we write.  Get excited about getting to know us.  We are super fantastic.

We are, once again, writing this post passing the laptop back and forth, so enjoy trying to figure out who the hell is speaking.

The Undead Duo was not always such.  We were once awkward children the ages of 9 and 10 that lived in an apartment complex with a kick ass pool, sledding hill that could have killed many children (and did maim Kristen’s arm), tennis court turned roller skating rink, and the best games of neighborhood wide hide and seek that you could imagine.  As teenagers, we scrounged change  and hit the road to go to concerts, graced our presence at parties we had no business being at (or any business living to tell about), and started writing as a way to entertain ourselves.  In our day, sonny, there was no internet.  We just had Headbanger’s Ball on MTV and a notebook to entertain ourselves.  We never really grew up per se, but we did get older.  Both Julie and I did time as retail managers for the same extremely well known lingerie company.  After years in retail purgatory, we both escaped and began to write together again.

I almost said the weirdest thing about us, but that’s not true….one of the oddest things about us as a duo is that we are beyond totally different.  I mean, there isn’t a whole lot more different than we are.  There are many many differences which we shall chronicle in part here.

Kristen: hair band lover

Julie: punk enthusiast

Kristen: great cook

Julie: would die without pizza delivery

Kristen: enjoys cowboys

Julie: does not.

Kristen: enjoys fancy drinks

Julie: enjoys beer, much beer

Kristen:  has a bird

Julie: has reptiles and Mexican dog

Kristen: reads erotica, paranormal, dirty rock n’ roll biographies

Julie: reads sci fi, horror, paranormal

Kristen: house decorated in authentic 70’s decor

Julie: lives in Legoland

Kristen:  digs chick flicks and comedy movies

Julie: digs horror and Kung Fu n=movies

Kristen: night-writing with a plan

Julie: raw morning writing

Kristen: goes to zumba classes

Julie: a martial arts champion

Kristekn: is a football savant

Julie:  preferes hockey and boxing

This all culminates in Julie being the Wildcard and the Muscle of this operation, and Kristen being the Brains and Beauty.


Julie attempted to sell Kristen off in marriage to a hot dog vending gentleman on the streets of Manhattan.


Julie-I, the Muscle/Wildcard began my book while on maternity leave with my first child.  An emotional crash test dummy, I spent 8 weeks nursing, watching the Departed and over and over, and finally giving in and reading Twilight.   Once I saw my favorite actor become one of my favorite comic superheroes, Iron Man, and heard the Kings of Leon’s Closer, it all fell into place.  Out of these unrelated events, a trilogy in the making was born.

Kristen-I got drunk on July Fourth and had a dream about a girl trying to make her way in Las Vegas.  I felt so strongly about it I actually moved to Las Vegas to research my story.  Turns out, I think my friend left Showgirls on while I slept off my drinking.  But the attempt to write a book was born.  All my life, I would make up stories to get my mind off of the drama of the day so I could go the f&%k to sleep.  I combined those characters and my experiences in Las Vegas to write Immortal Dilemma.

So, one fine day I let it out that I, Julie, had been working on a novel, and Kristen had been quietly doing the same.  While mine was finished…completely in longhand…Kristen was just getting started on hers.  We decided to work together on the  goal of getting them ready for the world, and started right away.  Kristen was hashing out her ideas, and I was just trying to get them out of various notebooks into one laptop. We committed to regularly scheduled writing dates, and dude, we did it.


We meet in sweatpants.  This is always how it is.  Pajamas or sweatpants.  This is how writers write.  There is coffee if we are writing original content.  There is alcohol for queries and synopses.  It’s always at Kristen’s place, because my place has kids in it.  We meet halfway on music and listen to alternative something or other.  The bird cheers us on.  Pizza is involved.  And we feel really, really bad if we don’t accomplish a crap ton of stuff.  I read Kristen’s stuff, and tell her to get more raw.  She reads mine and tells me to stop describing stuff.  But mostly we agree on things.  And we both care about the other’s success.  It’s fun, and not all about fun at the same time.  One thing that we both do exceedingly well is take shit over.  We do it a lot.  So it works to our favor that we forge ahead no matter what the circumstances, and keep each other afloat.  Winning.


We get things done.  Both Running Home and Immortal Dilemma are complete.  Both of us have sequels in the works, titled Running Away and Immortal Forever.  Kristen has also completed a prequel novella, and Julie has started two completely different new works.  We created this blog as a show case for all things related to our books, and anything else we damn please.


Expect a good time.  We will post our own short stories often.  Individually, we write very differently, but when we pass the notebook back and forth lunacy ensues.  We want to continue writing our short series The Plan, which we gave a second installment of on Christmas.  We both are freakishly excited to write some short stories involving our novels’ characters, and there will be plenty of surprises to be had there.  You can hear about our writing process, a bunch of stuff on vampire mythology and whatnot, some work from you guys, and any stuff we like because nobody can tell us not to.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.




Goodbye, After-Sun Headache!

TODAY’S BREW: Pumpkin!!!!

September! The beginnings of all good things, in my eyes. I know that for some people…okay, almost all people…that the end of summer is a mourning time. People love the beach, and cookouts, and shorts, and volleyball, and tall, cold drinks. I get it. I love swimming, and cookouts….but that is pretty much where my love of the season ends. I am not a fan of days where you wake up sweating, and start sweating as soon as you step out of the shower, and you sweat while you make breakfast that isn’t going to settle well because you’re sweating too much. I don’t enjoy the feeling that you have to get moving ASAP because “it’s nice out.” These days to me mean that I am wrestling two sweaty kids into the car and hustling to an overcrowded beach where I will most certainly get a parking ticket. I won’t be able to swim in the ocean because I will be too busy chasing the baby and building sand castles and passing out drinks and getting sunburned. I will be anticipating, at this time, the after-sun headache that I will experience as I take on a death match with the two year old who doesn’t want to leave the beach. And the sand, oh the sand. The lack of structure that summer provides may be relaxing to many, but for me, it just equals a lack of productivity and creativity. I get the least amount of writing done in the summer. Something about running for shade from the blazing, murderous sun just doesn’t spark the warm and fuzzy in me.

But now! Now is the time that I feel enriched by my family. Long walks by the river, looking for turtles and hearing the fall leaves rustle in the breeze. That fireside smell that fills the air, the jacket weather. I do love weather where you can wear a tanktop and hoodie, but still are comfortable in flip flops. Also, sweatpants are fully realized right now as the wardrobe option of the year. And pumpkin everything! Pumpkin is my favorite flavor, scent and color. I look forward to it all year. And it signifies pumpkin and apple picking on chilly days, with fresh apple cider and donuts. Not to mention the amazing Pumpkin Spooktacular at Roger Williams Park Zoo, my favorite Halloween activity. Hundreds of elaborately carved pumpkins done by local artists set to creepy music and lighting coupled with trick or treating. This is the best thing ever. (Last year there was a Bea Arthur pumpkin.) But most of all, I love that this time of year makes us all want to curl up on the sofa with our family under blankets and watch movies over hot drinks. Real quality time without the effort of the beach. No after-sun headaches allowed. Having this effortless time at home to relax is central to my desire to write. It is how I started Running Home, in the coziness of my home with my baby, to the smell of cookies and pumpkin candles.

Roger Williams Park Pumpkin Spooktacular. How awesome is that?

Now,my baby started Kindergarten! We love school in this house, and so this is a wonderful thing. Not only do I get to buy school supplies, an addictive thing for me, and watch my brilliant child become even more brilliant, but I get to do so with an extra two hours of my day to myself. This, alone, fosters creativity. I am already anxious to get on Running Away, and to have structured writing time that isn’t just the time I am not caring for the kids. There’s a lot to be said for structure. Kristen and I have already got a schedule set in place to make the final edits to Immortal Dilemma and Running Home, as well as to really get started on our side project works that will make the readers of our novels happy. The emotion that Fall stirs in me just spills onto paper, and now the pride that I have in this amazing little boy overwhelms me, and begs to be turned into something that won’t make me explode. It’s hard to feel like that when I am sweating, so welcome Fall!

So, put those filthy beach towels away, folks, and start feeling the freshness of Autumn!

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