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On The Eve Of Samhain

Today’s Brew: Apple Cider. And remarkably, it’s not spiked.

by Kristen

Since Halloween is everyone’s favorite holiday (although mine is actually Superbowl Sunday), I thought I’d post some quick fun facts about The Big Day

  • Halloween is a Christian holiday! Take that, you pagan propagandist finger pointers. It is All Hallows Eve, the day before All Saints’ Day.
  • I went to catholic elementary school and we used to have November 1st off every year, and of course I thought it was to recover from the chocolate drunkenness of the prior evening.
  • Until 835, All Saints Day was celebrated on May 13th. Someone then had the foresight to change it to November 1.
  • The origins of the holiday can also be traced back to the Roman Goddess Pomona, the goddess of fruit and seeds.  Bobbing for apples derives from the Roman festivals of this holiday.
  • Samhain was a Celtic festival celebrating summer’s end and the end of the harvest season.
  • Samhain was also a bad ass band formed by Glenn Danzig after he left the misfits. Glenn Danzig is 58 years old! WTF. That’s just not right.  
  • November signaled the beginning of the darker half of the year.
  • The Darker Half is also a bad ass collaborative writing blog. I believe I’m scheduled for a guest post there on Tuesday.
  •  The tradition of dressing up and trick or treating goes back to 16th century Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. (WTF, England? Why didn’t you join in on the fun?) “Mumming and guising” involved dressing up, going door to door and singing songs in exchange for food. I think we need to make kids today sing for their supper. Kinda like American Idol meets The Gong Show.
  • In Scotland, people would wear masks, going door to door threatening mischief if they weren’t welcomed.
  • Costumes have another Christian origin. See? Even Jesus like Halloween. “Souling” means dressing up or disguising yourself
  • In 19th century Wales, young people would dress as the opposite sex.
  • In the dark ages, no fun was allowed. Christians would have “soul cakes” to remember souls in purgatory. Churches would display relics or martyred saints. Poor parishes would have their parishioners dress up as martyrs instead.
  • Shakespeare mentions souling in Two Gentlemen of Verona.  
  • Britain used to bless homes and barns to protect people and livestock against witches on Halloween.
  • Oh, I get it now. You Brits are more into Guy Fawkes Day than Halloween. Guy Fawkes Day is November 5 and I’ll be celebrating by RELEASING A BOOK THAT DAY.
  • The Scots, always looking for a party, brought Halloween traditions to North America. The holiday gained popularity in the mid 19th century.
  • Jack O Lanterns are supposed to frighten evil spirits away.
  • Ireland and Scotland carve turnips instead of pumpkins.
  • We can thank classic gothic horror stories such as Dracula and Frankenstein for our current Halloween imagery.
  • Haunted houses may have originated by the Jaycees for fundraising.
  • Judaism forbids participating in Halloween or any other gentile customs.
  • Devil’s Night was a huge problem in Detroit from the 1970s to 1990s as well as other cities in the US.  City youths would vandalize and set fire to things at random. Way to suck, guys.
  • Looking for some Halloween stories?  Check out Chynna-Blue Scott’s The Zombie Project, Pen and Muses The Dark Carnival, and check this very blog every Friday for some great short fiction by guest authors!
  • And tomorrow, the evil geniuses of Twitter join to bring you something new and exciting. Stay tuned!

Tattoo You

Today’s Brew: Water. My Bread and Beer binge has come to a screeching halt

by Kristen

I’m blessed to have the chance to work with some truly bad ass talented people. Recently, I’ve been working on an HBO mini series under department head Christien Tinsley.  I also had the opportunity to work with the same team last year on Labor Day, which I believe is coming out at Christmas.

Why might that name sound familiar to you? Well first of all, Christien won an Oscar for his work with Brad Pitt on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. An Oscar. His aging work is out of this world. But he also has a temporary tattoo company called Tinsley Transfers.

If you need last minute touches to finish off your Halloween costume, you are in luck. There’s a 50 percent off sale right now on the website (as of 10.27.13).  These tattoos are super easy to apply, you just use a damp sponge.  They also look extremely realistic and when they say they’re film quality, it’s the truth. We used the on Labor Day, and they’ve been used on countless other movies over the last decade.

My favorite on the site is the sugar skull face tattoo.

What are you all going to be for Halloween?

Halloween Makeup Basics!

Today’s Brew: Whatever it was that Julie made me. I had a lot of it.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Okay, the second most wonderful time of the year behind NFL Kickoff Weekend. It’s Halloween! Candy, horror, dress up, apple everything, how can we possibly go wrong?

The question on everyone’s lips should be: What are you going to be for Halloween?

My phone is ringing off the hook with requests for Halloween costume makeup. As I’ve mentioned before, I am a makeup artist by day and a mild mannered aspiring writer whenever time allows. Character makeup and guts and gore are hands down the most fun parts of my job. So far I’ve had requests for Chinese emperors, tequila bottle people, The Black Swan, and The Addams Family.

Since I can’t be everywhere at once to get you ready for your big Halloween extravaganza, here are a couple of quick tips to make you look totally kick ass so you win top prize in your costume contest!

* Get the good stuff! Those awful cream makeups sold at the fly by night seasonal costume shops suck. You’re starting early, you have time to do it right. I suggest Ben Nye Creme Colors. These are long lasting, highly pigmented, and easy to use. Best of all, they aren’t expensive at all. You can get bruise, burn and zombie color wheels as well. They have many varieties of blood and it’s actually the right color.

* Set your work! Everyone sweats in those heavy costumes, and even more after a couple of beers. There is nothing sexy about your face running off, even if you are a zombie. Keep all your hard work put. A translucent powder applied liberally over any cream makeup will set your creation nicely. You can also get setting sprays. Since I’ve already sent you the Ben Nye site, they’ve got a theatrical quality one. If you’re shopping last minute, Urban Decay has a great one that’s available at Sephora or Ulta.

* Make sure you have everything you need! If you’re applying face or body hair, you need spirit gum. Don’t forget spirit gum remover as well. Sometimes spirit gum doesn’t give the best results. Medical adhesive is even better. You will need 99% alcohol to remove. It can be ordered from your local pharmacy.

* Don’t forget the details! Pay attention to your ears, neck, hands, and any other exposed skin. Do you need teeth to complete your look? What about your hair and nails? Don’t half ass it, unless you’re hoping to win the half assed costume contest. Go big or go home.

* Be Careful getting dressed! You may want to drape tissue over your made up skin so you don’t get makeup all over your costume.

Have fun! Want to see more Halloween makeup tips?  Click here.  You’re welcome.

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