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Off to Backspace!

Today’s Brew:  Halloween Candy!  Boo!  All things are possible with a sugar high.

Tonight after trick or treating, Julie and I are off to the great state of New Jersey to attend the Backspace Writers Conference tomorrow in New York City.  Yeah, that New Jersey and New York that just got their asses handed to them in Hurricane Sandy, also known as That Big Bitch That Messed Up Everything.  Our trying to get to a writers convention pales in comparison to the real problems the people of that area are facing, but it’s definitely made planning this non refundable trip a challenge.  I found an amazing website with real time traffic and traffic cams that showed me the area we need to be in is dry and functional.  I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for busing via The Lincoln Tunnel.

This is even extreme for our road trip history. Can’t say we don’t bring the party.   Check out “Tonight We Rock Hartford” for the tale of our first road trip.   

Our mission of this trip is clear:  Get Julie an Agent!  The conference is toted as a way to get your work ready to shop around, but when I told the organizers that Immortal Dilemma was offered representation, the real objective came out.  The agents are there looking for clients. The lucky ones will have a chance to scoop up Julie and Running Home.  There are also critique groups and talks from world class authors and agents.  For both of us, it is our first conference, so I am looking forward to soaking in all the information that I can to apply to my future writing career.

We plan on taking plenty of pictures of our adventure, so as long as we don’t look too gross in the photos, we will share them when we come back!


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