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Julie Gets A Date Night

TODAY’S BREW: Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate! Sounds fancy as shit, right?!

By Julie

The library in my town is a big deal. They host a lot of events, the biggest of which is The Taste of the Town. This is a monster fundraising event for the library featuring all the most shwanky local restaurants, massive excellent auctions, and all the booze you can drink from a thousand different boozeries.

Lucky for me, my husband’s liquor store handles all the booze. So we get in FO FREE. Okay, we sneak in, but still, nobody questions us.

This is as close to a fancy date night as we get. I get to look as femme fatale as I rightfully should, while charming the pants off of countless liquor representatives, politicians and other classy folks. Oh yeah, my husband gets to come, too, which is a nice treat because date night for us includes 2 kids and Walmart clearance deals. But this night, we drink the finest wine, eat sushi and duck and lobster, and all sorts of desserts, and just be us. There’s little library ladies walking around with push carts filled with wrapped books, and for $20 you can buy one, get some surprise book, and many of them have gift certificates tucked inside. (My wonderful husband bought me one of these as a surprise, winning me Brad Thor’s BLACK LIST, and the chance to unwrap a beautifully packaged book like it held gold inside. It did not have a gift certificate, but again, we only go to Walmart.)

Turns out a young lady that I absolutely adore, who used to work for me at Victoria’s Secret, is now in charge of the fundraising for the library, so we got to talk about me doing a speaking event or two, which is basically the coolest thing ever. And I’m excited to donate a paperback of RUNNING HOME to the library, also. To be able to bump into townies and say they can borrow my book from the library is extra cool.

Then the coolest thing happened. A VIP from Budweiser asked me for a signed copy of my book, when I hadn’t even been talking to him! That’s cool, right? I mean, I felt a little famous, sitting at an empty table with literary folks and important townspeople milling around, signing my book. If I hadn’t drank as much as I had, I probably still would have gotten choked up. To have come that far in a year’s time is an incredible feeling. And to bump into my former employee, both of us doing something we love, was the cherry on top. I can’t help but wonder where I’ll be next year in November when this event pops back up.

So, this is pretty much just a happy story from Julie. I’m lucky, thankful, loved and in love, and only see good things on the horizon.





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