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One Last Longing Look At Las Vegas

Today’s Brew: Pumpkin Spice

by Kristen

***BECAUSE THE NIGHT is still 99 cents! Grab it before it goes back to full price!***

I’m still kind of jetlagged, but otherwise everything’s back to normal and my trip seems like a dream. My intent had been to share photos with you as they happened, but Twitter doesn’t always like to upload my photos, and my computer decided to have a Jim Morrison style blackout halfway through the trip.  I’m also the world’s worst photographer.  So even though I tried to break my bad photography habits, it just didn’t work.

Better late than never!

The gondola ride at the Venetian.  Callie and Blade’s first date.  We had a delightful Mexican lunch and watched couples feel awkward as they were serenaded through the mall.

My favorite schlocky attraction and the second part of the date is the Bellagio water show.  The hooker card people would not give me cards! Bastards! But Liz got some.  I have that picture on my Twitter page. I was so tempted to call one of them just to talk to them. The research! That would be worth the $35!

I basically took Liz on all of Callie and Blade’s dates.  Here’s the Hoover Dam.



Another of my favorite attractions in Vegas is the Neon Boneyard. It’s no secret that I love old stuff, and I love Vegas, so all the old Vegas signs?  Heaven. I visited the museum a couple of years ago, and if you saw it before it was up and running in The LaConcha, go back!  It’s much more organized, and night tours are available.

Believe it or not, there are things I’d never seen before in the Las Vegas area.  We took the Camaro out for a road trip and visited The Valley of Fire.  It’s only about an hour outside of Vegas, and it might as well be on the moon.

So now I’m back high atop Whiskey Tango Boulevard, full of inspiration and research to edit and create.


Back in the Burbs! News and My Gift To You!

Today’s Brew:  After making sweet love to my Keurig (having to get totally dressed before going downstairs for $7 coffees loses its charm), I am drinking all the water since I am as dry as the Mojave.

by Kristen

I’M BACK! My computer revolted in the middle of the trip, so the caps refer more to my ability to use my computer than the fact I’m back in Massachusetts. Massachusetts is not any more exciting than when I left it.  I’ll share photos in an upcoming post.

Do you ever have a vacation epiphany? The thing in your life that suddenly becomes clear?  That’s the thing I look forward to every vacation. Trips to places like Vegas contrast with home pretty vividly. There’s no reason to stop living and having fun just because the plane brought me back. We all need to make every day as exciting as possible. It’s easy to be lazy when we’re home.

Find reasons to wear fishnets.

Before my technical difficulties, I’d promised you a whole bunch of events and news connected to Because the Night.  I didn’t forget!  It’s just all going to come in one post now. So without further ado….

  1. Because the Night is still 99 cents on Amazon!  Not much time left, so don’t miss out!
  2. Because the Night is going to be available on Audio!  I’m pleased to announce that Audible has purchase the audio rights to the book.
  3. And here’s my gift to you!  When the Night Comes! It’s a short story that expands on a behind the scenes Callie and Blade ahem, interaction that some readers said they wished they were able to see. You guys are dirrrrty! It’s available on Smashwords.  My apologies for not having it on Amazon.  I tried for 2 weeks to make it free on there via price match, but they weren’t having it.  If you love it, jump right into Because the Night!

Click on the cover to get your free story from Smashwords!

2013 has been a great year for both Julie and me.  Julie is coming over tonight so we can start planning 2014!  Thanks again for all your support! None of this would happen without you!

Absinthe: A Walk On The Wild Side

Today’s Brew: Not Absinthe.  Frozen Hot Chocolate. Which was twice as good as it sounds.

by Kristen

***BECAUSE THE NIGHT is on sale this week for 99 cents! Merry Christmas!****

Still in Vegas.

It’s hard for me to talk about the book I just finished, We Own the Night, because it’s so spoilery if you haven’t read Because the Night. And with this week’s sale, you now have no friggin’ excuse for not owning it. There’s more change of the floor of the rental Camaro than that. But anyway, I digress.

Just before Halloween, I contributed a story for The Dark Carnival called Heaven’s on Fire, which introduced two new characters: Cash Logan and Holly Octane. After I finished that story, they wouldn’t leave me the frig alone until I included them in We Own the Night.  Cash is a magician, and I wanted him to have a bad ass magical show the only the likes of Vegas could host.

Of course, I placed The Cirque Macabre at Circus Circus. There is nothing cool at Circus Circus, and I know this to be fact. My friend Jason, the one I told you I ran into the other night, suggested we go see a bad at yet another of Vince Neil’s bar located at Circus Circus. What a nightmare that place is. The low ceilings trap the desperation like a fog.

Not to mention on the way out of that place, a 13 year old grabbed my ass. But I digress.

Tonight Liz and I went to see Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace. I wasn’t sure what to expect, all I knew was it was some sort of variety show with burlesque and roller derby, which if you know me, you can imagine the intensity of my lady boner hearing those two things together.

Imagine my surprise when I found Absinthe to set in a circus tent, just like my Cirque Macabre. And it was decorated all steampunk, similar to Cirque Macabre.  Kind of like my pinterest board come to life.

The performers were incredible! There was many different aerial and acrobatic acts that did thing with their bodies I could only hope to be able to move again if I attempted.  I love that shit. I’m still convinced that someday I’ll be able a little bit of it. No one set themselves on fire, like Holly.

A Vamptastic Welcome

Today’s Brew: Starbucks is 32 floors below me. So close yet so far.

by Kristen

Liz and I have safety arrived in Vegas!  Traveling takes 16 times longer than you ever expect to, and we got in kind of late. I hold Detroit completely responsible. Before you Michiganers get all up in arms by my finger pointing, remember that fog you had yesterday? Yeah. We almost had to land in Cleveland. And this week is not Christmas in Cleveland. It’s Christmas in Vegas!!

Oh, and we might have upgraded our rental car to a convertible Camaro.


Still, I INSISTED we go to the vampire bar I’ve been having a fit over all week. We didn’t get there until midnight, which sounds like, well, midnight in the suburbs, but in Vegas, it’s the perfect time to arrive. I’d planned to shoot ya’ll a video of our arrival, but:

  1. God damn, I was tired until we got in there.
  2. Party clothes can be only expected to compensate for so much of a full travel day.
  3. We’re totally going back.

By the way, ventiicedsugarfreecaramelsoylatte is now all one word.

After pouring some vodka down Liz’s throat, we settled in to the packed Count’s Vamp’d to watch Jake E. Lee perform. If you’re not an old rocker person, you might not know who the hell he is. Back in the mid 80’s he played guitar for Ozzy, like Bark At The Moon era Ozzy, and he also had another hairband called Badlands. So, right up my effin’ alley.

So here’s the best part about Las Vegas: all the old rocker dudes can’t afford to live in LA anymore, and they all moved here. So that bar was like my frigging Disneyland!  Put about 1o years on all the guys on my Pinterest boards. The place was lousy with long hairs. I may have whiplash.

I have one friend who still lives in Vegas, and we’re facebook friends but we haven’t seen each other since I moved.  I had a feeling we might see him at the show. I kept looking, but didn’t see him.  Liz just happened to zig instead of zag on the way out, and who was standing there but my friend Jason!!  So that was an awesome surprise, too.

OK, enough internet for me right now. Still on the hunt for Tristan I have to go raise hell in a Camaro.

Christmas in Vegas is Here!

Today’s Brew: Golden French Toast and then Starbucks in every frigging time zone

by Kristen

Today’s the day!  Liz and I are going to Las Vegas!  I’m so excited it feels like Christmas! Wait…

Anyway, to tell you more about Christmas in Vegas (which even has it’s own hashtag #christmasinvegas, so be on the lookout) is me!

Yes, people, I vlogged.

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