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My Writing Process about Juuuuuulie

TODAY’S BREW: Margaritas. From the second I awake. I’m probably drunk now.

By Julie

I met the fantastically delicious Mary Lynne Gibbs, author of  JERICHO RISING, at Penguicon when we both exhibited the same bewildered and exhausted face that said we needed to be friends. She’s a kick ass vampire author and actor and I think I had a dream about us hanging out together at the end of the world. It was awesome. Go check out her stuff at and follow the young lady on the old Twitter machine at @MaryLGibbs. Aaaaanywho, she asked me to participate in this writing process blog, and you guys know me—happy to yap my flapper about my work, so here goes!

I’m uber protective of the book I’m working on right now. Never felt like this about my books before. It even has secret Pinterest boards so I can hoard all the ideas for myself. But FINE, I AGREED, SO HERE. It’s a young adult novel called THE WIND BETWEEN WORLDS, about 5 witches from 5 warring families that are indebted to tether The Chains–the veil over the world that hides magic from humanity and prevents the demons of The Gone from invading Earth.  When the Demon Prince who’s the 7th son of a 7th son comes to power he shows the witches that oppression is in the eye of the beholder, and power takes many forms.


This is my first YA novel and I’m looking forward to giving some complexity in the way the young witches think of their parents. There’s a fine line between the normal rules given to them as teenagers and the form of slavery they’re subjected to. It’s dark, but uplifting, hopefully thought provoking and very romantic, with a little bit of a Shakespearian prettiness thrown in there. I want it to be as layered as the teenage mind is, and isn’t always given credit for.


I write urban fantasy because I love to see the ordinary made extraordinary. I love supernatural characters with very human choices to make. I love characters that don’t have black and white lives, and who never do exactly the right thing, because there is never a right thing for them or anyone else. I want to feel like there’s something more out there, while still being very grounded in reality. Urban fantasy for me is creating the most realistic superheroes ever.


This novel is different in that I’m actually OUTLINING. Though the novel will be in the point of view of the Witch of Stars, Celeste, I like to write books where the secondary characters think it’s about them, and this book is going to be a shining example of it because what teenager isn’t fighting for their voice to be heard? I need to know every one of these incredible witches/teenagers and the way they see the world in order to make the complete story perfect. I’m making a huge inspiration board that involves all of the witches and my Demon Prince, Lux, so that I can see all of them in one place, and how their characteristics work together. I have a monster 5 subject notebook to get every detail into. I have a separate (secret) Pinterest board for each character and one for the novel as a whole. I need this world to scream REAL and that can only be done with a lot of forethought and research. Then I dive into 1000 word a day diet.

The Witch of Stars, my MC

Celeste, The Witch of Stars

Next week I picked 3 gorgeous authors to tell us about their work. SO YOU GO FIND THEM:

Carey Torgensen, “The Torg,” is a long time friend, and the author of THE PRINCESS PARADOX, coming out in December. She loves writing kiss scenes a lot. Like a lot. And she’s always asking me to Jell-O  wrestle. I always say yes. @CareyTorg on Twitter.


Jered Meyer is probably the most hilarious person in Alaska, as exhibited by his live tweeting of Dora the Explorer and his terrible job. But he’s also brilliantly complex and sweet and has a helluva voice, and is just a wonderful friend. Go buy his books or I’ll hurt you. and check out his blog which is better than ours a little. @The_KJM on Twitter.


And I feel sorta awesome about making you check out Erik Hofstatter, whose MORIBUND TALES is getting killer reviews: “These tales of dark fiction have a true Gothic style tone to them, with influences from Poe and Stoker very much alive, mixed with the writer’s own unique twist.” – The Strange and the Curious 
He’s also a martial artist, making him better than most people, and I just plain like him very much. Go check out his blog and MORIBUND TALES







A Present from the Past: Part of The Memory Project

I took the liberty of reblogging-ish from Carey Torgensen’s blog, as I am very proud of Kristen for doing this story for The Memory Project. This was really difficult for her, had a lot of truth to it, and I commend her for facing it and seeing it through.

(From Carey’s blog)

I am not sure exactly when I met Kristen, except to say it was not long after being introduced to Julie Hutchings. The two go together like cookies and milk, chocolate and sex. And sex and sex. What I am saying is that these two are inseparable.

I first read some of Kristen’s work on the Undead Duo blog. Check it out here. Then I read her words on Josh’s #WorldsEnd series. And I knew then, not only was she hilarious, supportive, and kind, but a fantastic writer.

She is seriously one of the best friend’s a girl can ask for and does everything she can for the people she loves. She’s beautiful, intelligent, wonderful and a powerhouse. To say she is talented is an understatement. And it seems only fitting that she started out the stories in #worldsend and she starts out the stories here.

Meet Kristen Strassel. She is woman. Hear her roar. And kick ass.


The Memory Project (continued)

I picked up a small box on the bottom of the suitcase. Worn velvet. Any woman who was worth her salt knew what one of these boxes held. Promises. Words of love. Tradition. It was a lot to be held in such a small container.

I cracked it open, hinges popping. Inside the case, a beautiful silver antique ring, set with a large blue stone. The beveled edges gleamed and sparkled in the soft sunlight. Small beams of light sparkled upon the walls. Light danced in the room. For a second, the room, dark and dank with secrets became a ballroom, lit up brilliantly by tiny stars.

“It’s beautiful.” My eyes locked on the gem. “I wonder who wore it.”

(to be continued)
A Present From The Past
By Kristen Strassel

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