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RUNNING HOME and All Books of the Dead Titles Have a Celebration Sale!

TODAY’S BREW: Not cider. Drank it all.

By Julie

THINGS HAVE HAPPENED! My publisher, Books of the Dead Press’s blog has hit a quarter million views, and so to celebrate


Yes, that means Running Home, which you can get here, for the same price as shitty 7-11 coffee.

You’ve also heard me babble incessantly about my good friend, J.C. who wrote the horror I fangirl over, Discoredia. HIS book is less than a buck, too. If you like the hidden themes and story within a story style of my writing, Discoredia is for you. I’m hard put to find a novelist that can create something so frightening, but with so much poetic beauty to it. There’s no cheap thrills here, I actually started talking to J.C. on Authonomy, when I got my first review and it was a little overly critical, perhaps. This guy came out of nowhere and told my critic to shut up, and then I got a peek at Discoredia, and was instantly hooked on his writing style. We became close friends over the last year and a half, and that became even thicker when we both got picked up by Books of the Dead. Discoredia was one of the rare books to make it to the Harper Collins editor’s desk at Authonomy, and they had actual good things to say about it! There’s a rarity.

“Readers also won’t be surprised to learn that I swear a lot, have a bad temper, and have been known to display a nasty streak at times. Marriage and fatherhood have mellowed me, but Discoredia was written in, and belongs to, the period of my life before that,” J.C. said to me, when I told him I want people to know him the way I do.

The reason I think the book works so well is because J.C. never wrote it to be published. “I wrote Discoredia because I was challenged to write a novel. It was written for two people, myself and the person that made that challenge. I never aimed on it being published. That’s why it’s so personal, and also why it’s quite commercially naive in that it doesn’t “fit” the genre. Now it’s not about me any more, it’s about something which other people will hopefully enjoy. So click here to buy it y’fuckers.”  YES, THIS IS LITERALLY FRESH OUT THE EMAIL HE SENT ME.

The band of freaks that Books of the Dead Press picked up this past spring became fast friends, but Mark Matthews and I clicked and are constantly in each other’s faces these days. One of the most genuine guys on the planet, but Jesus, Mary and Joseph, that man can creep me out with the shit he comes up with in a mere tweet, let alone the insane stories he comes up with. (If you don’t believe me, check out last Friday’s flash fiction bit from Mark right here. His writing is so crisp, so evocative and deeply disturbing, I just shake my head at how he comes up with it. SO FOR A BUCK, BUY On the Lips of Children right here. Thank me later via check or credit card.

TO SEE ALL OF THE TITLES THAT ARE 99CENTS, GO SLAP AROUND BOOKS OF THE DEAD PRESS HERE (Shut up and buy Mountain Home by Bracken MacLeod, too. Shut up, baby, I won’t recommend any more books, I swear to God.)


Mountain Home Kicks the Ass Off Of Your Ass

TODAY’S BREW: Back to the Keurig. My coffee pot broke, and now I’m a single serving motherfucker.

By Julie

You guys may have heard, my book, Running Home, is being published by Books of the Dead on July 22nd. Hold your applause. THIS guy’s book is first up of the 8 authors being published this summer with Books of the Dead. I got to read his book in super secret before the world got to see it. And what a privilege it was.

Bracken MacLeod
 Image of Bracken MacLeod
Bracken MacLeod has worked as a martial arts teacher, a college philosophy instructor, at a children’s non-profit, and as a criminal and civil trial attorney. While he does his best to avoid using the law education, he occasionally finds uses for martial arts and philosophy. His work has appeared in Sex and Murder Magazine, The Siren’s Call e-zine, and twice in Every Day Fiction. He also has stories in the anthologies, The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes, Anthology: Year One, and most recently in Femme Fatale: Erotic Stories of Dangerous Women from Go Deeper Press.His first novel, MOUNTAIN HOME, is available from Books of the Dead Press.

Mountain Home blew me away from the start. I’m a sucker for strong imagery and witty wordings, and Bracken not only gives me this, but he makes literally every page tense with constant…and I mean constant action. This book reads like a Tarantino movie watches. Smart action, with immediate consequences and longtime effects on the characters, choices that are life-changing from the inside out. What I really love about Mountain Home is that the characters are so incredibly real. Bracken manages to do something that I find all too rarely; he makes complex characters that you have strong feelings about, and I don’t just mean “she’s so nice, I don’t want her to die” feelings. You hate the sonofabitch restaurant manager that doesn’t deserve to live. You admire the heroine, Lyn, who has more than just heroism to offer us. She’s an artist, with opinions and really believable feelings. She’s courageous, not just ballsy. The girl makes hard choices that affect people she doesn’t like and doesn’t know, and she’s undecided about them. That is what makes her someone I can identify with. She’s not a toughass chick with something to prove. She’s cornered into making a lot of difficult choices, and makes them with conviction, even when she isn’t sure it’s the right thing to do. (Clearly, I love this girl.)

The “villain” we meet is also one we can identify with and understand. One we sympathize with, and fear a little bit, because we see the reality of her a little too easily.

I am honored to keep company with Bracken MacLeod at Books of the Dead. Read Mountain Home and you’ll find a truly unique voice, and one you’ll want to hear again.

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