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Sweet Oblivion

Today’s Brew:  I’m almost out of coffee!  I’m always out of food, but this is a real emergency!

by Kristen

There are many beginnings to Because The Night,  but here is an account of the night Tristan met Talis.

Sweet Oblivion

Tristan, Los Angeles, 2010.

All I could see through my haze was blonde hair. I was already well on my way to oblivion that night, but I couldn’t let this one get away.

Who was this chick?  She stared me down, but didn’t approach.  I didn’t chase women.  They chased me.  Numb to the burn, I finished my drink in one gulp before I made my move.

“I can make you a star in your own right, Tristan,” she whispered in my ear as she ran her hand lightly down my chest.  I shuddered as her cool fingers trailed down to my stomach.

This I had to see.  I could wipe my ass with my father’s money.  What could she have that I needed?
I closed my eyes, moaning as she nibbled at my neck. Whatever she offered, she had my attention.  I savored her scent.  Sunshine.  Familiar.

I had to be tripping.  She wasn’t here.

As my lips met hers, I led her to the dingy backstage area, just like I did after every show here. My post show ritual never changed, not even for her. I navigated down the hallway, lit only by blacklight, careful not to bang up against the sticky walls.  I eased her down towards the couch, which had seen plenty of action of this kind, and kicked the door closed behind us.

“What’s your name?” Just a formality.

“Talis,” she pulled her cool mouth away from my body long enough to respond.  “I’ve been watching you.”

She had made her way down below my stomach, licking and playing with the hair that trailed down below my belt buckle. I arched my back, unable to take much more. Was she trying to make a fool out of me? I had started to undo my pants to free myself, but she slapped my hands away, like I had done something bad.  This wasn’t right. I was supposed to be in control.  But with her, this was almost a relief.

I’d do whatever she wanted.

Somehow, she had my on my knees, kneeling on the couch cushion.  She crawled back up my body, wrapping her arms around my shoulders and placing herself in my lap.  Her hair and smile glowed in the darkness, blurry with her face so close to mine. “I’m going to be your whole world.”

“Show me, baby.”

She pushed my shoulders and pinned me down. Now she had my attention. This chick was strong. Maybe it was just the dope messing with me.  She leaned over me, her cold eyes demanded an audience.

“This is going to be everything you ever wanted.”

Kissing me again, she worked her way down to my neck.  She licked and nipped it, sending a shiver through my body.

I could get used to this.


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