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Riding The Waves Of Feedback…And Nausea.

Today’s Brew: Caramel Apple Something or other.

by Kristen

The first advance copies of Because The Night are in the hands of my street team and reviewers.  Many people have read this book before, but having it out there, almost for real, is nothing short of terrifying.  Every time someone says they’re reading it, my stomach twists up and I forget to breathe for a second.  It’s like that dream when you show up to high school without your clothes on.


This isn’t just any book I’ve asked for an opinion and a review on, it’s mine.  They are the characters I created and nurtured.  It’s the story I wrote.  In short, they’re judging my imagination. Kind of what makes me, well, me.

Next month, I’m the featured author in Opening Line. Unless they decide my book is an unpromotable piece of slop and rescind their offer.  They’re reading it now.  And live tweeting it. A literary magazine.  Nothing to see here, move along.

A street team member tweeted that he loaded his kindle with “Kristen Strassel and Stephen King.” IN THE SAME SENTENCE. He said that.  How can I compare to the God forsaken master?

Most of the feedback I’ve had so far has been very positive, and I love everyone who has enjoyed it.  The thing that’s the most surprising is how strongly people feel about the male lead characters.

Some are very strongly into Blade.

Blade (Christopher Brown)


And others enjoy Tristan.

Totally Tristan.


I always worry when someone expresses a strong preference in one of the other, because I know how the story turns out and I wonder how each camp will feel about the ending.  At first, I was upset if someone really liked one of the guys and disliked the other, but then I realized that the party lines were splitting kind of evenly. That’s cool!  You guys are good!  Now we have something to talk about.

There’s nothing that can prepare you for this.  It’s strange and scary and the coolest thing ever.

I should buy stock in antacid before release day.


Bad Reviews: Nothing Personal, Just Business

Today’s Brew:  All the coffee.

by Kristen

One star reviews blow.  There’s no way around that one, but there’s no way to prevent them, either. You wrote the book you had to write.  Not everyone is going to agree that it’s a masterpiece.  That’s fine. I have read plenty of much hyped, best selling books that I can barely stand to finish.  I usually just don’t review them.

As more of my friends release books, I find myself spending more time paying attention to the reviews books in general receive.  Everyone has some clunkers.  Like I said, nothing wrong with that.  A one or two star review with valid reasoning of why someone did not enjoy the book is helpful to other readers.

A mean spirited insult fest is not.

There seems to be a crop of these mean reviewers online who enjoy doling out these spiteful reviews. It’s pretty easy to do, sitting anonymously behind a computer screen using a screen name.  I have to wonder if they put themselves out there at all or attempt anything creative.  It’s pretty easy to criticize when you have no idea what goes into a creative process.

What really got me hot was a recent one star given to a fellow writer.  It had 22 comments.  I clicked on it, figuring it would be people disagreeing.  I was absolutely disgusted by what I found.

The thread developed into a personal attack on the writer. Making fun of her and her bio.  What. The. Actual.  Fuck.  I can’t even begin to tell you how uncalled for this is. And if it’s a surprise to you that this behavior is considered piss poor, get off my blog. Now. Really, I’ll hold the door for you. If you want to be considered a professional book reviewer (this person had an advanced copy of the book), you need to pay heed to that first word. Professional.  Personal attacks are disgusting in middle school and even more deplorable from adults.  I hope the publisher of this book bans this reviewer from getting any more advance, FREE copies of their books.  Again, not because of the bad review, but because this person doesn’t deserve the perks of their job until they learn how to express their opinions in a professional manner.

For all the people who joined in on this attack, shame on you.  You write a book, you put yourself out there, and then after it’s all said and done, go back and read what you wrote.  I’ll wait.  You should be ashamed of yourself if you’ve participated in this.  Dislike the book all you want, but don’t attack a person you know nothing about.

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