Deadly Ever After

Thank You, Carrie Fisher


TODAY’S BREW: Herbal tea because of flu-like symptoms and hot head.

By Julie

We’ve lost Princess Leia.

Side note: 2016, get the fuck out of my house.

Leia and Carrie Fisher are one in the same and completely their own to me. This is the fusion of two incredible women that taught me a lot of things at a very young age:

  • You can make big-ass mistakes and still be strong.
  • Princesses can have a blaster without having stolen it from a man.
  • Princesses can wear pants.
  • Pretty and powerful are not mutually exclusive.
  • A sense of humor can get you through just about anything.
  • carrie-quotes
  • Be honest. Never ashamed. Talk about who you are. Own it.
  • Women don’t need to be paralyzed by their upbringing or questions around it.
  • Strength is in the eye of the beholder
  • “Leia is way cooler than Luke, Jedi or not.” –me, my entire life
  • Princesses/women don’t have to be soft spoken and sweet.
  • Save yourself. Nobody needs to do it for you.
  • Nobody has to be just one thing. Leia held every hat she could get her hands on.
  • Gold bikini or not, she could still choke a bitch.
  • It’s cool to be the only little girl with her dad in the movie theater for a “boys’ movie.”
  • There are no boys’ movies. There is no “boys'” anything.


She was a general, but she was still royalty to me.

And she is one with the Force now.


Now her unbelievably glamorous, talented, hilarious, shining mother, Debbie Reynolds passed away just the day after her daughter, her last words being, “I want to be with Carrie.” I take more comfort in that than I thought I could. Thank you both for adding to the definition of strong.



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