Deadly Ever After

Everything Is Awesome with Julie

TODAY’S BREW: Like, almost none because doctor said *blows raspberries forever*

By Julie

Some days are for talking about how hard everything is. This is not one of those days. Here’s some good stuff that puts a smile on my face right now:

  • I’m running a kick-ass Scholastic Book Fair at my 8 year old’s school this week.
  • Suddenly, I’m super good at making salads.
  • I finally got around to reading THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy and now I’m re-reading it because it’s that good and important.
  • Rosemary Mint shampoo bars from Goat Milk Stuff make my hair as pretty as a princess.
  • the MTV Movie Awards will be on soon. I love them so much.
  • I edit so many books these days, I never lack for awesome stuff to do.
  • I finished writing my most complex book yet and I can’t wait to finish editing that.
  • artichokes
  • The Age of Ultron is nearing my world.
  • Burt’s Bees lip crayons make me happy to be alive about a hundred times a day.
  • I thought about Atari games for like, twenty minutes today.
  • Robert Downey Jr. just showed up on television and I can’t quite breathe.
  • Robert Downey Jr. just told me on television to define my generation AND OF  COURSE I WILL BECAUSE I’M AWESOME AND YOU TOLD ME TO.
  • hot showers followed by hot coffee
  • my 4 year old is seriously into comic books.
  • I still sing “Happy” every single day
  • I have this kick-ass lizard that I love way too much.
  • my Venus Fly Trap won’t be hibernating any more.
  • the color orange.
  • Got a really complimentary rejection letter from my dream agent. (this does not bother me, it makes me ridiculously happy.)
  • I don’t have any tumors to be removed.

Okay, that’s just some stuff that makes me happy to be alive, and makes me want to be me every damn day. Every once in a while, come right out and say it. Every once in a while stop taking yourself so goddamn seriously.


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3 thoughts on “Everything Is Awesome with Julie

  1. “Every once in a while stop taking yourself so goddamn seriously.”

    YES. ❤

  2. Love all the happy!!

    -The Age of Ultron… Iron Man… *dies of joy*
    -Purple anything.
    -Ghost hunting shows
    -scary movies
    -going to my son’s first track meet (even though he’s not competing because the goober hurt his ankle)
    -The Harry Potter parody of Uptown Funk… Dark Lord Funk
    -Lost Girl is back on Syfy channel this Friday
    -My sister’s checkup was good… still cancer free!
    -The grass is getting greener and there are buds on the trees and it is warmer and sunny!
    -Waking up today!

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