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Some Bargains To Help You Fill Your New Kindle

Today’s Brew: I learned today that Cinnabon’s cinnamon bun K cups are exceptionally delicious.

by Kristen

Yay! Santa brought you a new ereader!  Let’s fill that bitch up!  I know a lot of people are running sales this week, so I wanted to bring your attention to some great reads. This is a great chance to catch up on your reading and try out some new to you authors.

If you find something you love, tell a friend. Hell, tell all your friends. (Do you know how many people I’ve convinced to read Poison Princess by Kresley Cole?  I’ve sold it to random shoppers in Barnes and Noble. I don’t work there. Read it. No one is sorry yet. #teamjackson, yo.)  And nothing says love like leaving a review. I know it can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be a magazine quality piece. Just a sentence or two on what you think is fine.

Prices are accurate as of posting the evening of 12.25.14, even if they’ve gone up by the time you have a chance to read this, check these books out:

Julie’s Shinigami books are both on sale for 99 cents:

Running Home
Running Away

A little me time. The Night Songs Collection 1-3 Box Set will be 3.99 through December 31, 2014.  Not ready to take a bite (see what I did there?) out of three books? Start slow, they’ll be around forever. (I’m hysterical tonight).  Because the Night is 99 cents.

Kat Daemon’s Taming Darkness is 99 cents.

Kaira Rouda’s In the Mirror is 99 cents, and A Mother’s Day is FREE!

All of S.P. Cervantes’ books are 99 cents right now, including the just released His Jar of Hearts.

The Request by Marquita Valentine is FREE!

Karen Erickson’s Wicked Weekend is FREE! Vegas in the house!

Enjoy these books!


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