Deadly Ever After

Thank YOU!

Today’s Brew: Did you see that white chocolate peppermint martini I posted on Facebook? Come to Mama.

by Kristen

Many of you are starting the Christmas race today: getting the rest of the presents wrapped, or hitting the road, or welcoming the family. I’m winding things down, putting on my favorite jammies, and getting psyched about twenty-four hours of A Christmas Story. I’ll be heading out to see some friends later.
I thought today would be the perfect chance to give my team a huge shout out. They might call it self-publishing, but that’s crap. It takes a village to get a book ready for the public.
Julie Hutchings is my hetrosexual life partner, bird auntie extraordinaire, writing partner, and editor. Thank you for thinking most of my whackadoodle ideas deserve to be brought to life. I wouldn’t have started this journey without you.
Autumn Hull helped me turn the ship around when it was headed straight for the Bermuda Triangle. Thank you for your guidance, advice, and telling it like it is when it’s not pretty. Then helping me make it beautiful.
Tammy, Kat, and P.J. for always being there to lend an ear for the good, bad, and the bizarre. I love growing on this journey with you guys.
Hang Le and Nathalia Suellen for creating beautiful covers that tell my story. A picture is truly worth 1000 words. Also a shout out to for having good looking premade material when I put myself on these crazy timelines.
EM Tippetts and Cait Peterson for making the inside of my books as beautiful as the outside.
Tish Thawer for coming up to me at ARC Phoenix like you just knew we were meant to be friends before we’d even said a word to one another.
To all the self-published authors at conferences and online who opened my eyes to this path. You were all so generous with what worked for you and ways to make my books better. You made the decision less scary, more successful, and I’m proud to follow in your footsteps. I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned with other authors. Together we can all be stronger.
Candice Montgomery, Eva Saur, and Jessica Evans for being kick ass early readers. I plan to keep you nice and busy next year, too. 🙂
All the bloggers who helped spread the word about my books! There are too many to list here…but special shout out to Jolene Haley, Kristen Jett, Melissa Petreshock, Jen Streck, and Lydia Aswolf.
Every single one of my friends for listening to me prattle on endlessly about my books, and for chatting about my characters like they’re real people.
Most importantly, to everyone who saw one of my books and thought it was worth reading. That still doesn’t even seem real. Some really frigging amazing things happened this year and none of it would have been possible without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I plan on keeping you all busy in 2015 as well.
Happy Holidays and much love from me, Callie, Tristan, Blade, Melanie, Ryder, Cam, Daisy, Kyndra, Aidan, Daphne, Leo, Chloe, and Cane. Cheers!


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One thought on “Thank YOU!

  1. P. Jameson on said:

    It really DOES take a village, right? I’m happy to be in your corner and SO so happy you’re in mine! ❤

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