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Publishing is a dirty business at times, and often at the expense of us doe-eyed authors that are just excited to see publishers that are excited about their books. I was incredibly lucky that Books of the Dead Press took interest in me because James Roy Daley and the press itself are not just honest but respectful of their authors, respectful of the business, and do this thing for all the right reasons. Reading the posts about Permuted Press is crucial if you’re a writer in my opinion.

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something-stinks_165Over the past year, something has been bothering me. It’s not something that has affected me directly, but it is affecting an increasing number of my friends. I need to be very careful about this blog post and I need to state up front that some of this post is speculation, because I don’t want an army of corporate lawyers descending on my arse. So, I am not going to name any  names and I will make very clear what the facts seem to be and my speculation on what this might mean.

In the middle of 2013 a very well respected small press changed hands. The original owner was highly regarded within the community, was trusted and respected. I actually dealt with him briefly before Moonstruck came out because he wanted the High Moor series, although I eventually walked away from the deal. This, it seems, was the best…

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