Deadly Ever After

Get Ready For We Own The Night

Today’s brew: Water. Still kind of dehydrated from working outside

by Kristen


WE OWN THE NIGHT comes Monday, September 1!  You can preorder it now and it will be waiting  for you in your Kindle or iPad at midnight. Or wait til Monday, if you’re into that sort of thing.  You guys were good. I made you wait five months for the conclusion of this story. I want to make sure everyone’s all caught up and ready to GO.

What can you expect from We Own the Night?

  • Callie is back!  The story picks up where Because the Night left off. After teasing everyone for two books about what happened to Blade, everything is revealed. And he’s pissed about having to wait to tell his story.
  • We’re back in Vegas. Mostly at the Alta Vista, but North Strip represent!  We made stops at the Riviera, Circus Circus, and the Stratosphere.
  • Everyone who made it to the end of Because the Night and Night Moves alive and/or undead makes an appearance in We Own the Night.
  • Lennon and Tony from BTN as well as Rachel from Night Moves play key roles.
  • New characters!!  You’re going to meet Cash Logan, a mysterious circus leader, and Holly Octane, a performer in his show who bursts into flames every night.  You also get to meet Tristan’s dad.
  • Tristan is….Tristan.
  • We Own the Night wraps up this particular storyline, but doesn’t close The Night Songs Collection. The mythology will continue with characters that are new and familiar with you.
  • But no more cliffhangers.
  • I was actually able to end the story with a Happily Ever….Afterlife?

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