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What Back To School Means To Me: *shoots spaghetti cannon in joy*

TODAY’S BREW: Vanilla Pumpkin Pie. Because it is Fall in my black, black heart.

By Julie

If you have kids, or have seen kids, or have been to Walmart, you know that Back To School is a holiday that rivals only Christmas in its joy. This year for me, Back To School is something MORE. Not only are we having an exceptionally hard time at home, but for the first time in 7 years, I will have a chunk of time three times a week that is ONLY MINE. ONLY MINE. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN SEVEN YEARS. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?

You can imagine that I have a list of Things for my three hours three times a week.

  1. First off, I get reeeeaaaallly pissy about writers who have the gall to bitch that they just don’t feel like writing. THEN YOU AREN’T A WRITER. I am desperate as hell to write, and just cannot get a minute to do it most days. So, top of the list, and there will be a formal plan outlined next week for all those who wish to join in, is a measurable, specific, actionable plan to finish my first draft of THE WIND BETWEEN WORLDS by the end of September. A few of us on Twitter really like holding each other accountable to our writing goals, encouraging each other, helping where we can, and so this devoted attention to our books is going to be monumental. JOIN ME.
  2. THE GYM. Holy crap have I missed the gym this summer. So, THE GYM. Just twice a week. If I can do more, hooray. But twice a week, non-negotiable.
  3. Panty shopping. Because it’s one of my favorite things to do. So panty shopping, with a cup of coffee in hand. It will be pumpkin something flavored.
  4. Book shopping. Once a month. Because I deserve it and I deserve it alone, and it’s research.
  5. Editing for an hour at said book store, in the café, because goddamn do I get a lot done doing that. So yes, my Undeaditing services will still be in full swing.
  6. I am going to watch every movie I have ever wanted to watch.
  7. Breakfast dates with my husband once a week. Yay. 🙂
  8. Nothing. Probably once or twice a month, nothing. No plan. A “White Space” on the calendar to do whatever I feel like that day. BECAUSE YES, ALL THIS STUFF WILL BE ON MY CALENDAR, OR ELSE IT WON’T HAPPEN THE WAY I WANT IT TO.
  9. God, I cannot wait for this–FINALLY, Kristen and I can have our Undead Duo meetings again. They are so crucial for us to encourage each other, plan mayhem (Kristen, get ready, because pretty sure we’re doing some “urban exploration,” AKA “uninvited visiting” of a local abandoned hospital), and for our general mental health.
  10. Christmas shopping. Without my kids in tow to hide things from. Walking around with all the music, and the lights, and all the joy other people seem to hate, but I adore it. And without having to worry if one of my children is accosting Santa somewhere while I try to hide from them, it will be amazing. I’m so excited.

So, yeah, this may seem ambitious, but not all of these things will happen every week, and if you want to do something, make time for it. I’m not a huge fan of saying “when this day comes, I can do EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED TO DO, SO LONG AS THESE PERFECT CONDITIONS EXIST,” but this school thing? This is a big one. A game-changer. And I’m so ready to play.


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6 thoughts on “What Back To School Means To Me: *shoots spaghetti cannon in joy*

  1. Go Julie! Now in your state of blissful exuberance, don’t mix your list items up. If you do panty shopping in the bookstore, it could end badly. And for the love of everything Holy, stay out of the Granny-panty clearance sales.

  2. That is a damn good list, Jules. I look forward to reading more 🙂

  3. I find it interesting that “the gym” and “panty shopping” were one right after the other. Just be careful, because of you go to the gym enough, you’ll need to do MORE panty shopping. Since you might need smaller sizes. This could lead to a vicious cycle.

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