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Pitch Wars…Pick Me!


Hi!  If you don’t know me already, I’m Kristen, and this is my first year participating as a Pitch Wars mentor. I’m excited about this, because I think writing the book is actually the easy part. Getting it out in the world is HARD. Like a hard I never even imagined. I write NA paranormal and contemporary romance, but more about me later.

I want to talk about you. If you have:

NA and Adult romance.  I want NA that’s out of the box, not your traditional college student meets bad boy story.  I want heroines/heroes that start at a disadvantage in the story, or as I call it, less than zero. But not “broken.” I’m tired of broken.  I want them to make the best choices they possibly can, but they don’t have to be the stereotypical “strong” character with no flaws. Give me your flaws, baby. Turn them into strengths.

Diverse characters.

Musicians or anything entertainment business. I’m your girl. I work in the industry, my day job is doing makeup for film and TV.  I can help you make sure your story is realistic, and might have some behind the scenes info that makes your story shine.

Paranormal Romance. I’m so happy I get to say this!   I wasn’t going to, because agents keep saying that it’s almost impossible to sell right now, and this is a contest to get an agent.  After the RWA conference calling it something to watch and Cora Carmack’s announcement that she’s releasing a NA PNR trilogy, I think publishers are going to change their mind.  BUT. I like my creatures dark. If I fall for your supernatural character, I want that attraction to burn my soul.  We’ve heard over and over that paranormal needs to be exceptional to get the attention of a publisher, so originality is really going to be key.

What I’m not looking for: zombie books (I just don’t connect to them), dystopian, cozy mysteries, faith-based stories, or memoirs.

So why should you pick me?  You’re probably thinking, “But Kristen, you’re….indie.”

Yes. I’m an indie author.  I have been agented, so I’ve gone through the querying process, placed in writing contests, have been on submission, and have worked with publishers. The more I got involved in publishing, the more I realized I’m a control freak. Okay, I already knew I was a control freak. I like having complete control over all aspects of the production of my book. I hire my own editors, formatters, and cover artists.  I set my own release schedule and participate in my marketing.  If I am your mentor, your manuscript will get that same level of attention.

If we work together, we’ll be doing exactly that. Working together. I am a straight-forward, honest critique partner.  I’ve been through the editing process on six books now, and I can share that experience with you.

You will not get gifs from me. They give me motion sickness. Sad but true.

So show me what you’ve got!!   For more information and how to submit your entries go to

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14 thoughts on “Pitch Wars…Pick Me!

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  2. I’ve got musicians and got def use an expert eye on this part of my ms!

  3. But clearly need to check comments for typos: and COULD

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  5. Leslie Chivers on said:

    Less than zero, like, Less Than Zero, or less than zero, like, less than zero?

  6. My heroine is a struggling actress in NYC and my hero has a physical disability that might not be temporary. They both have emotional ‘issues’, but aren’t what I would call broken… I’m thinking we might be a good fit. 🙂

  7. Can’t wait to see it, Traci!


  8. Hi Kristen,
    I love characters with a disadvantage (squeaky clean characters drive me bonkers). My hero is on parole with former gang ties that he’s trying to escape from. The story is an Adult romantic suspense. It focuses heavily on H/h’s relationship (in and out of the bedroom) as well as their relationship with their families with the suspense right below the surface.
    Thanks so much,
    Amber Daulton

  9. Hey Kristen,
    I was also at RWA and was so happy to hear the same news about NA & paranormal. My ms is more on the fantasy side: would you be interested in a NA Victorian fantasy romance? Has shifters, but they are not werewolves. (Um, European Polecat and a hawk are the main ones.) Not particularly dark either, so tell me if that is a no-go for you, please. 🙂

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