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Ellie DiJulio and Patreon. COME SEE WHAT IT IS.

TODAY’S BREW: Brown Sugar something something

By Julie

Our friend, Ellie Di Julio takes action and stuff, and I am so proud of her for it. Check out Ellie’s urban fantasy series, FORGOTTEN RELICS, and what she’s doing to make things happen.

•· Be a modern patron of the arts, starting at $1/mo! @EllieDiJulio is creating stories with @Patreon. Check it out:

•· Like urban fantasy stories? Want to feel good AND get neat prizes? If so, then has @EllieDiJulio got a deal for you.

•· Support indie artists and take crowdfunding to a new level! See what author @EllieDiJulio is scheming on @Patreon.

•· Are you a chronic enabler? Consider enabling @EllieDiJulio’s awful habit of writing novels and giving stuff away.

•· Join @EllieDiJulio’s elite squad of well-paid, highly-trained internet ninjas AKA Team @Patreon!

The announcement blog post on my site:

The YouTube Patreon intro video:


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One thought on “Ellie DiJulio and Patreon. COME SEE WHAT IT IS.

  1. *claps hands with delight!* Thank you so much for your support, darling! I eagerly await the opportunity to corrupt….LOVE ON…. your people. ❤

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