Deadly Ever After

The Education of Intern Sara: Self Reflection and Independence


That’s the one word that really sums up my love for writing.

Yes, it’s a wonderful creative outlet.
But I have many others.

Yes, it gives me control over the world I create.
But I’ve had gigs that gave me that too.

What I love about writing that is different, so far, is that I work alone and I answer to no one. I have complete independence from everyone and everything and that is a true gift.

I can create limitlessly and boundlessly and the only way I can be bound is if I for some reason chose to be. It’s a choice I can make whenever I want. It’s a choice I can unmake but I have to freedom and independence to choose either way.

Reconnecting with writing has been so great for me. It’s been a wonderful creative vehicle as an artist but more than that it has been cathartic for me. A wonderful and freeing way to release ideas and emotions that might not have a place to go or a way to be expressed if it were not for these worlds.

Knowing what I know now, I’d love to tell everyone out there willing to listen, that they too can have this kind of independence. It doesn’t have to be scary or pressure filled. It can just be … free.

So if you are thinking about it and fear is the only thing keeping you from doing it, all I can say is…



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