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The Education of Intern Sara: Random Sharing

ImageHappy National Dougnut Day!

Yesterday ended with me eating a whole lot of delicious things that I didn’t necessarily want to eat but enjoyed just the same. It was all-good until I started feeling a slight tightness in my chest. I decided that this was either and early 40th birthday present and/or a physical reminder not to eat all of that crap ever again. In case you were wondering, my binge included some Pepperidge Farm cookies, not my favorites mind you, but they were good just the same, some Trace Adkins (yes the country singer) ice cream in Maple Macadamia Mashup, which was AMAZING, and an assortment of other crap I don’t ordinarily eat. I would tell you what it was, but I honestly can’t remember. I decided to enjoy my little binge, the ensuing tightness-in-the-chest, and just not do it again, EVER.

So I went to bed pondering if that EVER part was even possible, and I know it’s not, but I figured I’d at least not do it for a while. I woke up this morning, feeling slightly less heart-attacky and found myself a nice little writing sprint. Yah!!! I LOVE writing sprints. I especially love writing sprints in the morning. I really, really, love writing sprints in the morning when I find one by accident. I did more rewriting and adding on than fresh writing, but enjoyed it just the same. I got in 1294 words and feel a sense of accomplishment that I will take with me the rest of the day. Perfect day so far, and then it happened, my inner foodie found out it was National Donut Day.


This. Is. Not. Good.

Here’s the thing about donuts. I don’t really even like them that much. I’m not saying that I hate them. That would be a lie. They are faaaar too delicious, carbohydratey and sugary to ever hate. But like a lot of other sweet things, the lure far outweighs the actual taste or enjoyment. They’re kind of like drugs. I’ve never understood the lure of drugs, and have never done any but when faced with sugary treats I sort of understand the feeling. You know they are bad for you, nothing good will come from doing them, but you want to do them anyway. Maybe, just maybe, you enjoy the first hit of that donut, but the second bite is never as good and from there on it’s just down hill. Then you have that sugar-high-food-coma feeling. Then you come down. You realize you feel like crap, tell yourself you’ll never do it again, and then inevitably, you do.

That being said, I really want to partake in National Dougnut Day.

I know. I suck, but my inner foodie insists. I think holidays are important and should be celebrated, especially the ones that involve food, candy, and presents. And besides, not ALL donuts are bad. I quite enjoy the occasional Dunkin Donuts jelly munchkin, and I had a wonderful visit at VooDoo Dougnut in Seattle, WA . I had a mango donut, which I thought was orange (don’t ask, it was good just the same) and the blueberry cake donuts that 7-Eleven carries are sort of heavenly. It’s all-good until the chest pains start. The one donut I TRULY with-all-my-heart love and always enjoy is Dunkin Donuts Boston Kreme Donut. The balance of chocolate glaze, light donut and cream filling is just, amazing! I’m certain I make “nom-nom-nom” sounds when I eat them. I only have one complaint about them, seeing the letter “k” in place of the letter “c” really revolts me. I don’t know why, it just irks me. I’m all for alternate spellings. I’m pretty sure I used a slew of them in the post, but the “k” in “kreme” just bothers me. If Dunkies would just change the spelling back to “cream” or even “crème” instead of “kreme” I would be greatly appreciative. Please and thank you.

All this thinking about National Doughnut Day, which by the way started in 1938, and came about because of a military doctor who along with helping wounded soldiers, also gave them a donut. This kindness led to a history of donuts being distributed to soldiers, and the holiday honors those men and women who served the treats. These days, it’s just a great excuse to get a free donut and ponder why cream is spelled with a “k.”

By the way, your chances of scoring a free donut are pretty good.

Enjoy the heart attacky feeling. After all, the only thing better than a donut, is a free donut.






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One thought on “The Education of Intern Sara: Random Sharing

  1. I never knew that Donut day had anything to do with soldiers, since it’s also D Day.

    It’s pretty well documented how I feel about Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, and the lengths I will go to not to drink it. Every so often, I get to work at DD headquarters, and they always bring us to the test kitchen. There is nothing quite like getting a warm donut with fresh glaze made by the grand wizard of donutry handed to you. Sure, Krispy Kreme gives warm donuts, but they are nothing compared to this. NOTHING, I tell you. It’s pretty much the best thing about my job, besides that time I got to work with the football players….


    Sigh. I’m on a diet, so would ya’ll enjoy a donut for me?


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