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Today’s Obsession: Abandoned Nara Dreamland, Japan

TODAY’S BREW: All of The Coconut Crème Coffee

By Julie

Today I’m obsessed with Nara Dreamland, an abandoned amusement park in Japan that was open for 45 years, between 1961 and 2006, built to resemble Disneyland California. Post-WWII Japan was heavily influenced by America, and it shows.

But it is distinctly Japanese.

Witch and werewolf at abandoned Nara Dreamland, Japan, in 2008

High noon abandoned Main Street Nara Dreamland haikyo

By the time Universal Studios Japan opened in 2001, the theme park was so outdated it didn’t stand a chance of survival. It’s only been locked up for 4 years now, not long enough for nature to have had its way with it, making it all that much creepier. It looks like someone just locked the door and tossed the key. Even the video games are still there.

Not a lot I wouldn’t do to play that horse game.

So beautiful, I can’t even.

Is it just me that’s creeped out that the water still looks clean?

Many of the attractions look as good as new, while others are completely trashed, vandalized and weathered.

Look at the difference between this:

And then this:

I want All The Signs

*pulls jacket on tighter*

And the vending machines!



In any case, I could do this all day, but my overwhelming feeling is this: If they were to reopen Nara Dreamland for a week, as is, I would probably rob a bank to get there, and I bet the rest of the world would too.



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