Deadly Ever After

Because the Night has a voice!

Today’s Brew: Chances are, I will either be up in the air or in New Orleans by the time you read this. Headed to the RT convention.

by Kristen

Nothing happening this Tuesday at all. (Yes, I know I’m posting on Wednesday. But I wrote this on Monday. Let all of that sink in.)

Like I mentioned, I’m headed to the Romance Times Convention in New Orleans today.  If you’re there, make sure you come say hi to me!!  Everything I packed is black, so I’ll be the one who looks like the love child of Johnny Cash and Anna Nicole.

I’m also going on a New Orleans vampire tour tonight, which I think is bad ass. Someone let Lestat know I’m on my way, please.

And, most importantly, my book baby is all grown up today!  Today is the Audible release of BECAUSE THE NIGHT!!  It’s narrated by Jessica Almasy, who has narrated over 100 audio books, including some for Gena Showalter.

Be on the look out for the promotional tour this week, brought to you by Wordsmith Publicity. I love these quote graphics!




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