Deadly Ever After

Jered’s 3 1/2 Magic Rules For Writing

Jered knows his shit and finally he’s writing about knowing his shit.

Word Whiskey

There’s a semi-serious post planned for tomorrow, so I figured I would fill up today with some writing about, well, writing. It’s one of the main reasons I started Word Whiskey (the others being sharing my writing and babbling about bullshit regarding my personal life), so I figured six posts in, I might as well offer a little advice. Or pointers. Or, you know what, I’ll just tell you the steps that work for me and why I believe in them and maybe you’ll find a nugget of help somewhere there in the ashes.

I’m not a traditionally published author. I’m not a raging success story in the self-published arena. I released Waypoint, the first book in the Convergence trilogy, a few years ago. The second book (Death Worth Living For) was split into two halves and released, and the first half of the third book (As the Earth Trembles)…

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