Deadly Ever After

Throwback Thursday–Undead Duo Style

Today’s Brew: Blueberry, of course.  Until this migraine takes a hike.

by Kristen

Before we can look back, let’s talk about the present!  NIGHT MOVES is now available in paperback! Proudly display vampire smut on your bookshelf! It’s a conversation starter, people. Imagine how much more lively your cocktail parties can be. You’re welcome.

Blogging twice a week has it’s challenges. You know that Julie and I are never at a shortage of things to say, but to put that gibberish into a coherent blog post is work, dawg. Throwback Thursday seems to have to come out of nowhere. Whatever, it’s probably been a thing for a while, but I’m blonde and I’ve only noticed it in the last few weeks. And it’s perfect for what I’m working on now.

Soul Divider, the band in NIGHT MOVES, is perfect for Throwback Thursday. They’re totally the kind of band I still listen to. I love any sort of pretty boy, tight pants, guyliner, loud guitar, cheese heavy rock and roll. Those bands didn’t just exist in the 1970s and 80s. I’m looking at you, emo rocker boys. Am I ever looking at you. Your vulnerable broken hearts, your hair flopping down in front of your eyes, those untied combat boots, and those rotten bitches who broke your hearts, making you turn poetry into song. Your loud guitar riffs and catchy choruses that somehow speak to my soul, even though we’ve never met.

We should probably meet.  You know, for research.

Soul Divider doesn’t even exist and I’m ready to take a road trip to go see them. You know, for research.

The other thing I love, in the vein (see what I did there? vein? vampires?) of old rocker dudes is when you can tell said old rocker dude has cut his long hair very reluctantly. That as long as they can get away with swoopy cut is totally hot. You can tell danger is bubbling just under the surface.

Okay. Enough of Kristen’s Cougar Corner.

I’ve put out three books in less than six months. People are still discovering BECAUSE THE NIGHT. Even if they knew about it, they might now just be picking it up to read. You guys have no idea how much you slay me when you start arguing over what characters you like best.  That’s something I dreamed might happen, and you’re doing it! Amazing. It means the world to me that people actually care about Callie, Blade, Tristan, and now Melanie and Ryder.

I’m now editing WE OWN THE NIGHT, and because that’s a story that Callie tells us, it’s like coming home to family. Callie’s a funny character. I had to really prep myself to dive back into this book. But once I’m in, she doesn’t like to let go of things. I know once I’m done going over this book eight thousand times to make sure it’s perfect, I’m going to have that same sense of emptiness that I did when I finished writing it. Working on this project is bittersweet for that reason.

I don’t like to let go of things, either, so I hear you, Callie. So much. And that’s why Throwback Thursday fits me like a pair of skinny jeans.





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