Deadly Ever After

Ten Things That Made My Goddamn Day

TODAY’S BREW: Coconut Cream made right in Boston.

By Julie


It’s 11 in the morning, and it might be an ordinary day, but I’m a happy bastard most days, and today here’s why I have a smile on my face that might annoy other people without one.

  1. I woke up to the people that make me happiest.
  2. Bennett being excited about watching The Lorax and Frozen like a little kid, when sometimes he already seems so grown up.
  3. I made muffins because Sammy kept asking for them. For muffins that I specifically make. We all know I can’t cook.
  4. An old song found new meaning and a new song makes my belly tingle.
  5. The IKEA catalog
  6. Someone posted my first tweet ever which was “If writing a book was as hard as writing a pitch for said book, I would still be selling panties,” in September of 2012. A) Someone cared enough to do this thing.  B) Look what I’ve done since then.
  7. Warm, fuzzy pants.
  8. Light rain, cold breeze in the window and warm blankets.
  9. My plants are still alive.
  10. All the hugs I’ve already had.

If you can’t do this by 11 AM, make some changes, folks, but I’m thinking you probably have even more things to be happy about than this if you really think. If you don’t GO MAKE SOME REASONS TO BE HAPPY.


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One thought on “Ten Things That Made My Goddamn Day

  1. Muffins? I want muffins. That is a perfect outline for a perfect day.

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