Deadly Ever After

And The Train Kept A-Rollin’

Today’s Brew: Doing the butterfly stroke through my Wild Mountain Blueberry

by Kristen

Books are like potato chips. You can’t write just one. Almost three years ago now, I decided I’d write a book. The book, Because the Night, turned into The Night Songs Collection. Now I have completed five books in that series.

Holy shit.

I’m starting promotion for Night Moves, which is coming on my birthday, March 26. But you can’t just sit around and obsess about books that are already finished, right? This week, I started book six. Book Six!

But it’s not part of Night Songs. It’s a stand alone, contemporary romance.

No vampires. I’m writing a book with zero percent vampires in it.

There is a musician. You can’t ask me to go cold turkey.

I’ve done it before, Seasons in the Sun is a contemporary. But I already knew Callie and Tristan when I wrote it. Starting a new book with new characters is always strange. It’s like moving in with new roommates. You get to see the good, bad, and ugly right away, and you have to figure out how to roll with it.

My new MC has a lot to say. She’s honest, she’s funny, and she’s a little pissed off. The words are coming pretty quickly from her, she’s anxious to tell me her story.  The last few books I’ve pantsed, but this one I planned out, wrote a loose outline, and brainstormed the characters. I wonder if it’s that or just the story that’s making this one come fast and furious.

Writing is such a great adventure. You get to meet new people and see new places, and you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas.



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