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Back To Basics Or How Pole Dancing Is Helping Me Focus On Writing

Today’s Brew: Gingerbread. Then hot stuff all day.

by Kristen

Some of you might know I’ve been working really hard these past couple weeks to get in shape. I’m finally willing to admit my commitment to Zumba did get me in better shape, but I didn’t lose any weight, and once I started doing other workouts, I realized it wasn’t making me stronger. I love doing it, but it wasn’t getting me where I needed to be.

To satisfy my sense of adventure, I tried Pole Dancing. I joke about it and call it slut class on Twitter, but let me tell you, it’s the hardest workout I’ve ever done. You need some serious strength and coordination to be able to hang upside down on a pole, with nothing but the strength of your legs keeping you from cracking your skull open on the floor below.  I can’t do that yet, but I’m sure as hell going to one day. Pole dancing was the thing that totally shook up my view of my fitness routine. I’ve upped my weight training, and changed my eating so I can get strong and light enough to do all the moves. (I’m not a total failure at it, I’m good at the all the floor moves, and I’m the only one in the class who can do a full split.)

Pole dancing mom

Pole dancing got me back to the basics of my fitness routine. It made me focus on all the things that weren’t working.

I’ve sworn off of the scale. I don’t like the number, and I’d rather go by how I feel. I don’t want to get discouraged if the number doesn’t move the way I want it to.

That is a lesson I’m trying to apply to my writing. Ever since Because the Night became available to the world, I’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with my numbers. My Amazon rank. My Goodreads stats. How many people have added my book? What have they rated it? I’ve let those numbers define my self worth as a writer. My rankings slip? No one wants my books. They jump? I’m OK. A bad review? I’m a terrible human being and these people don’t even know me! A good review? A good day.

What good is this doing me? NONE! Sure, I want my books to be on the best seller lists. But I’m an indie debut author. These things take time, just like trying to get into shape. Staring at a number doesn’t make anything better. Staring at a number makes me crazy.

The best thing I can do is just keep working. I’m working on a new MS. I’m still promoting my books. I have an new one coming out in March. I’m going to try not to look at any of those numbers today. The only number I’m gong to pay attention to is my word count. I’m going to take joy in my new words, not someone else’s opinion of my words. I’m going to try to write like I did before I was published, and not let the outside in.

And then I’m going to go to Pole Dancing later on tonight.


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2 thoughts on “Back To Basics Or How Pole Dancing Is Helping Me Focus On Writing

  1. Karen Soutar on said:

    Great advice! And I would love to try pole dancing. Wish there was a class near me!

  2. I travel about 45 minutes each way for the class. I’ve been dying to try it forever. Next week we’re trying aerial yoga.

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