Deadly Ever After

No Resolutions Necessary

Today’s Brew: Water. Vegas. Detox. Continues.

by Kristen

Happy New Year, ya’ll!  I hope you all had a great holiday. I had a great trip, and Santa was good to Julie’s boys, so no complaints at Team Undead.  I’ve got to tell you though, I’m so glad things are almost back to normal.

Not only does publishing shut its doors this time of year, production does, too. I don’t even have any hope of my phone ringing for work until Monday.  Couple that with this blizzard that’s happening and it makes for a lot of time in the house. I have plenty to do, I’m working on edits for Night Moves (coming in March!), and I have another manuscript I’ve been cranking out as well.

Around the internet, everyone’s resolving that 2014 will be their year. Julie and I have discussed our views on resolutions, and neither of us like them for different reasons.  Julie feels that making resolutions is a way of denouncing the way you’ve been doing things. I feel like waiting for a significant day to start a new habit is a cop out.

If you want to change something, just fucking do it. Don’t give yourself time to talk yourself out of it, or even worse, let other people talk you out of it. So many people thrive on mediocrity. And even more than their own mediocrity, they enjoy yours. Then they have no excuse to strive for more. I say leave those lazy assholes in the dust.  Don’t wait for Monday, or the 1st, or for a sale, or for inspiration to strike. It’s never going to get easier than it is right now. Don’t apologize for wanting the best for yourself.

It takes twenty one days to make a habit a routine. Make your goals reasonable. That’s one of my bitches with Nano. No one can keep up that pace forever. But 1000 words a day, 5 days a week, that you can do. A couple trips to the gym a week. More water. And don’t do things that make you miserable. That’s just stupid. Sometimes things aren’t for you, even though everyone else likes them. That’s OK. For example, I’m not crazy about writing sprints, but you guys love them.  Half the time, I’m writing right along with you on Fridays, I just don’t time it. Do what works for you.

I know great things are coming for all of us! Happy 2014!!



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