Deadly Ever After

1 DAY ‘TIL CHRISTMAS- YOUNG ADULT by Julie Hutchings “Christmas Magic”

Due to Technical Difficulties! We weren’t able to share these two stories with you. Julie and I participated in SantaClash on the writing site we both contribute to, The Midnight Type. Julie’s story went up on Christmas Eve, and she wrote YA.

the midnight type


by Julie Hutchings

“Oh, that’s a terrible present. Nobody wants that.”

I’d been so happy to find this terrifyingly realistic sleeping cat figurine thing, covered in what was surely fur from some skinned rodent. It looked like it might come alive at any emotionally scarring second.

My little sister Bethany had come along for the hot, bright and loud shopping trip. She was only in third grade, and had no idea just how offensive forced Secret Santa could be in high school.

Now here it was Christmas, and she was still grilling me about it. “Why would you want to get your friend something ugly?”

Sigh. “Secret Santa is so spectacular because you can give crappy stuff to people you barely like and they have to think it’s generous. So awesome. It’s all part of Christmas magic.”

The doorbell rang, and the kid sprang to her feet to…

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